2018 Hallmark Trek Ornaments



Looks like some cool ones are in this year’s mix. Steel Enterprise, Treecorder, and TAS gets some respect!


Wow, TAS is unexpected for sure!

Not really a fan of TAS but will probably try and get these for scarcity sake.


I like hallmark, nicer than eaglemoss on the starships, more experience.


Me too, you never see TAS items. I did like the series, if for no other reason than “Yesteryear,” and for the delightfully cheesy animation and music.


It appears that the TAS ones are exclusives. Only being released at San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and STLV 18. I’m hoping someone I know will be at one of these and will pick them up for me.


Yes - there were a lot of nice ornaments over the years that are only convention releases. I may need to start working on a plan this year because those TAS ones need to be in my collection…


If anyone is going to either San Diego ComicCon, STLV, or NYCC and can grab me a set of these, I will happily buy my set and your set, and pay for mine to be shipped.



Joel … I’ll send you a message


The TAS ornaments are already available on ebay…if you don’t mind getting robbed that is.
This kind of greedy behavior really frosts me arse!


I’m at STLV. Do you still want those Hallmark exclusive oranents?



I think I have it covered, but thank you for reaching out!