#31 "I Still Feel It” Bradley Nelson in for Restore


Sure and anything new on TOS stuff or in this case “Related” is fun.

Clarification: The BN is turned on by the P1 thumbwheel. The Ten Turn gives 3 modes. 1 & 2 are strobes and 3 is a burst or camera flash (disintegrate) controled by the trigger switch. The volume part of the thumbwheel works on the sound in later versions but it looks like Brad had another use with his early builds. That is to adjust the strobe. When first turned on the strobe is slower and increases as the thumwheel is rotated. The adjustable speed increases during the rotation as you would want it to. This works in modes 1 and 2.



Getting it all into P1/P2 cavity is tight on this one. Some wires were too short but easily replaced. It is looking good and works. That’s it for today. A piece of acrylic rod needs to be turned for the ready light. Got to position the neon in P1 to light up the meter.

What was done:

Clean emitter again and position Xeon white wire down in center. Brad has a piece of grey rubber to hold it in.

Lengthen original wires. Add longer neon wire for P1.

Re-solder all contacts.

Shrink wrap on long screw. This is the thin one so I can do that.

Tape on rear of circuit boards and on bottom of P2 to avoid pinching of wires.


Crossing my fingers the P2 fits on. :japanese_ogre:


I’ll get it in. I did on the last one with the big heat sink. You helped me out on that one. Once it’s cleared it clicks into place because of your terrific idea Scotty. The only wild cards are the stand alone transistor placement, removal of more P1 material and a smaller flash capacitor. No worries. :slight_smile:


Being an eager cadet I continued and removed the large cap for a smaller photo flash cap with a overhaul of the wiring because I needed more length. I believe I pushed it down to Engineering. Does it meet your approval Mr. Scott? Lol


Needed to replace the big cap again, not working right, replaced and better soldering work. All working and looks fitted to close. Needs the acrylic piece and the neon up top in P1 before closing. Need the shop for that, raining.


Steve, you da man.


What have I been up to?

Last Wednesday I walked over to my clinic because I had shoulder and arm pain since the previous Friday when I got the Pneumovax 23 vaccine. They examined me and believed it was a heart problem after giving me nitro. They called an ambulance and I was in the hospital. I went through all the tests and was released the next day after cardiology said there is nothing wrong. Pretty scary.

I need to get a smaller neon up in P1 on the blue board but before that make the acrylic for the ready lamp. I went over the bushing with 1000 paper to get the look. Used 3/8” acrylic dowel because smaller will bend on the lathe while turning. Had to make room by shortening one leg on the switch. Got everything in and ready to close, all is working. I used a 165uf cap for the flash, these load faster and are smaller. They come from the throwaway camera flashes.


Beautiful progress Steve !!
Glad to know you didn’t have anything wrong with the heart. Hope the shoulder and arm gets better. Stay well !!


Sorry to hear about the health issues. Good to know it wasn’t more serious.


Boy Steve, sorry to hear of this. Be well.


Hope you are feeling better now, so it turned out to be side effects from the vaccine?


Feel better soon Steve …


Thanks, I’m alright and it’s withdrawal symptoms for sure but what a scare. I was working on the Phaser on my kitchen table when I left last Wednesday.

Dressed all the wires with tweezers and it closed just fine. The stand alone transistor is standing up between the capacitors and meter. I took some macros of the crowded area and will upload them right after these because I need to get on the PC.

Picked this up at the Dollar Store.



Wait, what’s the name of the dollar store chain?


Dollarama, I’m heading out to another two. I’ll see if they have The City on the Edge of Forever. :slight_smile:


Only one item, a lot of Rogue One stuff.


How the meter lights up when I move the neon next to it in my restores.


Looking pretty sweet and glad you’re OK.