A long overdue prop collection post


Man it’s been a while but wanted to share some cool new pieces I’ve gotten lately.

Polarlights Enterprise with lights.

Khan Blood sample from Abrams Khan

Captain’s badge from Discovery

TNG Holodeck Chips


Beyond Medical Diagnostic Wrap prop

Switzerland Discovery Phaser

Klingon Metleth

Klingon Universal Translator

The Last Jedi Props


A bunch of nice stuff there.


Divergent Screenused Rifle


Very cool Props Jason


Super Cooool!!!


Very nice, very nice “gotten” items. “Switzerland” Discovery phaser? Do you have some more shots of the holodeck chips or the TMP PADD? Are any of these your creations?


Thx guys. The Disco phaser is from an Etsy seller in Switzerland. He did a GREAT job.

I made the Star Wars zapper and Diagnostic Wrap. And built up the Translator


Awesome stuff, love that klingon translator.


Did u make the holo chips or buy them somewhere?


I didn’t make them, Dietrich did. And did a fantastic job on them!


Jason gets all the good stuff. LOL


Finished this one last night. Love it. Thanks Mike!




Looks great! Reminds me I have a Romulan disruptor I should really get done.

Are those Swarovski crystals at the back?


Here’s are some new ones




Nice. What’s he silver phaser from, a video game?


Thx guys. The Silver phaser was designed by Scott Nakada for a Trek series proposed to NBC. Loved his design on it


Fresh off the workbench.


Great looking props Jason.