Adding to The Body (of props)


Hi all! I wanted to share some of my recent builds I’ve built for a few people and myself.

The upload didn’t seem to do them in order, so just some basic notations:

The Phase Pistol is a commission item thag had a one piece top that I cut and converted to an opening version and the power cell can slide in. No electronics yet, but I made it so it could be disassembled to add them in the future.

The Klingon props I did in a day. They were probably the most fun things to make in a while because I just went to town with the weathering to make up for the fact that I didn’t want to go fix all the issues with the castings haha.

The PADD is from the Renegades fan production. I want to get at least one more someday so I can use more of the graphics I have for this design.

The Disco comm is 3d printed and the nice thing about it was everything that is supposed to be a different color and plate was a separate piece. It is hollow, but I will probably just add graphics, maybe a sound module and save the IPod for a super nice version. Since this picture, I have updated the screws with screen accurate black hex screws and the set screws on the lid.

The proto SFS phaser. I used painted styrene for the panels on the p1 and I had seen a version somewhere that had a light box led on it, so I copied that.

The Endgame Tricorder was a commission piece. Regular Stapleton kit with GM props electronics.

The MK 3 Xscapes pistol isn’t quite done yet, I have to find what I did with the buttons, but it is such and awesome design and kit.

The MK X Medical was also a commission item. Stapleton with GM Electronics.

I tried to match the Beyond Phaser paints, and I was going to Alclad it, but then I just decided to use auto paints I had that I thought looked close enough.

MK IX Science was another commission. Stapleton with GM electronics.

This boomerang I had built last year, but recently I added a satin coat to the main body and it feels like a brand new prop. It looks a lot better than the gloss I originally had it in.

And last, but not least, a classic Forehead of the Week Pistol. I couldn’t find a lot of paint references for this one, I know there were a lot of variants. I found one without the “tail” and went with that scheme for the main part and extrapolated what the tail section might have looked like.

Thanks for looking!!


Wow, awesome stuff ya got there.
One of these days I have got to get me one of those Klingon TMP pistols.


Thanks!!! They are pretty fun. I’d like to do some of the variants (STV, Mirror Sisko’s pistol) and the original black and silver version one day.


Really terrific work! Also a nice mix from different shows.

I’ve never been that into the Endgame tricorder, but it looks really great here.

By the way, what is that material you photograph them on?


Thank you!

It’s actually just the surface of one of these that has seen better days. It seems to work pretty well unless the prop is too big. Then I usually just do it on a black tablecloth.


I thought I’d throw up a few more, because there can never be too many props in a thread.

Enterprise scanner was a commission. Stapleton’s kit made it quite easy.

The 4x MK VII and Dustbuster group was also a commission group. It felt like a whole sickbay’s worth.

Dolphin and Gen comm were commissions.

1/1000 Saratoga is just for fun as well as the Enterprise props group.



Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
Love the pic of all the working Mark VII Medical Tricorders. :slight_smile:



Love the Andorian phaser!


Love it all…I’m getting a lot of inspiration…