Another found Item


Here’s one for you all.received_10155455299674565


Some sort of multi pin adaptor? Does anyone recognize the company name?


aerator for faucet?

posted form my tos desktop monitor


That’s an electrical connector and looks like part of a TOS phaser nozzle is my guess.


Yikes. Pricey for a found nozzle:


Is that what they used/ modified?


So it is, still looks an awful lot like a faucet aerator.

Were the original P2 Phaser nozzles lenses from some form of projector? Seem to recall reading that somewhere but it may have just been someones speculating, idk.


Looks promising but seems to be missing some part(s)-


I think all’s they used was that thumb-turn ring. They probably machine the rest. Sure looks like an exact match for the Machining on that quick connect ring


I guess the next question is were those available back in 64


It is the kind of thing we would expect to see-


Interesting. That part is:

  • 41.7mm / 1.64 inches diameter
  • 31.0 / 1.22 inches length

Eyeballing the Wand phaser on my desk…it looks pretty close…



I believe it’s from a multi-pin electronics connector. The pins are gently mated, then the knurled ring is turned (it’s threaded) to lock the connector tightly in place.

Like this:


What does the lettering on the ring say?

Are there any other images? How many pins/connector places are there?

The DEUTSCH company is still in business…


Similar item…

Mfr. Part No. DM5605-19P


The spec sheet shows that a Size 21 is 41.7mm max across the knurls. The depth of the knurled portion is 31mm max.

Data sheet is at


This is cool. How long has this been known among fans?


I just saw this thread. I sent the image to SteveP and told him the info. The part was not used, only the idea was for the TOS Phaser. The image shown is an older product, today they are olive drab. The Deutsch Mil Spec multipin connector has been around a long time. You may find older ones that may look ok but no exact connector, I already checked. There is a lot of info I have but I’m just seeing where to put it.


Cool as this nozzle of mine…I named this revision the MidGrade AAA prop version.


Later on I prototyped this WCM prop version. I had a lot of TFW help getting this prototype right. The prop stud hole is to accommodate a light bulb or tiny LED/SMLED. This is unique in it has four knurls, per landing, not five.


Might want to retitle the thread to be more descriptive and specific?