Another TOS Prop to do, for my Ham Shack


Picked this up on eBay from @TOSPhaser, grew on me after seeing them on the Set Tour. Just some sanding then install them in my Ham Shack. He recognized my name in the order and sent the 5 extra pusbuttons. VA2 UFP



Is that your actual call sign? Mine’s KD2BLN.

Ok, looked it up, apparently it is!


New York, I talk on a 2 meter AM Net in New York. Clegg 22er, Ameco VFO, all rocks.


10 meter SSB (and 11m CB) rig here, my late Father’s old equip from the 70s.

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Nice Drake, D104 and Chair.


My father had that same microphone on the right. He was a ham too.


Open Hailing Frequncies!


Or should it be…

…Open HEILing Frequencies! :wink:


Nice! I’ve really been wanting one of these but I couldn’t find the seller.


Actually the original peanut microphone was made by RCA. The one I have is Midland circa 1965, a crystal element, very clear on that tube AM 2 Meter transiever from the same timeframe. Today 2 Meter is FM. There are a handful of AM Nets across the US where these boat anchors as they are called are used. The crystals or rocks in the case cover the 2 meter band and are genuine US military.


He makes very nice stuff, good guy too