Anovos DSC Phaser Rifle


Anovos Discovery Phaser Rifle

Just saw this today. Looks to have a few more bells and whistles. However, $1500 is steeeeeep.


Not to worry as this one won’t make it past the pre-order stage.


They teased some beautiful TNG era rifles a few years back that never came to fruition too.


Damned if I don’t really like it anyway…



Well, it looks like it’s already been pulled from the Anovos web site. The shortest pre-order in history.


Anovos has announced their next Discovery offering, the rifle. $1,500


I’ve got to imagine they got lit up for not having finished the distribution of all the pistols.


I saw a review of the Anovos Discovery Pistol and I wasn’t that impressed by the functions to be honest. Especially, when you consider the price-point compared to that of the Wand Company TOS Phaser (which I own and love).


DISCO Phaser Rifle replica is available for pre order as of this morning…



I pulled the trigger. I’ll let you all know if it arrives. I sure as hell wish Anovos would change their pre-order structure.


And their shipping. Still waiting on my order for their phaser from Wave 2 that was to start shipping in April.


They have yet to send out the stands for the first wave


Yup. Still waiting on my stand.