Anovos Phasers


Anovos is doing props!

I’m kinda bummed about this. I’m not a huge fan of the Next Gen movies and it looks like that is the main source for the designs they’ve chosen.



What would have been your choice? TOS era props or TNG series era?


I am with Nick on this, of course. With a partial exception for First Contact, the TNG movies are awful. It’s basically the opposite of the TOS movies: the show was much more sophisticated, thoughtful, and deliberately paced than the films. Latter-day TNG movie-era props all just look like random sci-fi props from anything else. TNG on television had a very special and unusual aesthetic for sci-fi, which I think should be celebrated by the licensing people more than it is.

I for one would have loved to have seen a Mark VI or VII tricorder (especially medical of the latter), or the dustbuster.

Diamond Select has also seemed to have some success with doing toys of the TOS movie props. It would have been great to see Anovos tackle high-end replicas of those, like the TMP/TWOK phaser for example.


I think they think the fans of the classic show are dieing off and no longer big buyers…could be right…So they are aiming at the newer generation (pun intended).


It seems to me the Dustbuster was never a big fan favorite even though I always liked it for the prefire ring mainly. had them, Stapleton had/has them, and both with electronics available so I would think that one wouldn’t be big seller. Same goes for the Crickets. Maybe the early Cobrahead would sell.

The movie rifles are another matter but I have no idea how big of a market there would be as I would expect them to be expensive builds.


What I mainly don’t get is why the Mark X. It has been done to death as a licensed item and even currently is selling one if I remember correctly. Why not a proper TNG tric, or even something like the STIII tric? Seems like a wasted opportunity.


It’s got more bling and is easier to build most likely.


TOS has been done to death…by MR, Roddenberry and people like Dennis Stines and Ron Shanko.
Then there was the kit made by John Long.

Rightly so I agree that now is not the time for more of the same…with TOS props.

I believe they are planning on releasing the Mk VI & VII in both Science and Medical varieties.
The Mk IX will be in both forms but not as I made it. I did the unit as a single Tricorder, one that could
be both Science & Medical with the LEDs and LCD changing to reflect the version desired.

They will bifurcate them into the separate dedicated Tricorders they were for the shows. This has pros and
cons over having a single unit.

I would venture that all hand Phasers from the Dustbuster through the Boomerang right up to the Dolphin
are also planned. Some features planned were never seen on camera but also do not detract from the
original aesthetics

If anyone wants to buy one when released, email me…as I have an account with them. ;).


Awesome! I’ll probably get pretty much any TV-era TNG stuff they make. :slight_smile:


At this point I can’t help but feel that the TOS stuff is eternally marketable. The TOS Phaser toy through Diamond Select is a big seller for them YEARS after release. And the new Phaser and Comm being put out by Wand Co. are doing gangbusters. Every few years a new generation gets interested in the classic Trek and a new markets are continually opening up as the world gets nerdier and nerdier by the day.

I also feel that 90’s TV nostalgia is a bout to hit big. Twin Peaks and X Files are on the tip of everyones tongue right now and I think that the TNG TV era is also starting to be remembered very fondly by nostalgic generation that grew up with it.

Interesting times we live in.


I’m 100% with David on this one. TOS has been done and done and done and done so many times. How many comms and phasers and tricorders are out there? How many “this is taken from the original shells, etc” have we seen and bought? Call me a heathen but I was never really a TOS fan. Yeah I have all the MR TOS stuff and have a bunch of props and kits, but my love is TNG+. It’s really nice to see a company pay homage to what I consider Star Trek since I grew up watching TNG.

However, I do agree that TOS is always going to be a seller. People who have never seen First Contact are going to look at the FC rifle and think…uhh yeah ok whatever. But people, even non hardcore Trek fans, see the WC comm and cream their pants because it’s that recognizable. “Beam me up Scotty.” That’s probably going to be the first words every single person says into their WC comm. Come on, you know you’re going to do it at some point. :wink:

I doubt TNG+ props will ever garner that much universal popularity, but I still love them.


all true no question but what i dont get other than nemesis which really did not touch on to much new stuff is the variable voyager builds from the doctors station we are speaking about in another thread to the compression rifle im going to start a thread on and it being the first star ship made to land on a planet!! also this, nuero gell packs, right the three new types of tricorders especially the last few seasons medical ,

i feel this was one area of the most advanced area of starfleet that got left out, other than the brief touching on the temporal time corp, but im a big voyager fan and never saw enough delta flyer stuff i thought and thinki it is awesome and wonder why Franklin Mint gave up so quick,

but this new time line throws a kink in it all, if i had to guess after reading and what i posted they chose next gen or lets say nemesis era because it did have 3 types rifles new phasers and can still go back and use those suits and such while expanding into the new clothes alternate dimension line, a personal assesment after review of even my own writing, on thier choice for the line i did see the new site looks good but what of prices if out fits start at 550 whoa whats a rifle or phaser going to be


You guys know that I am an authorized reseller for Anovos…


A lot 90’s and 00’s era Trek objects suffer from the same problem that the cars from those times have. There was such a focus on sensible functionality that none of the design work has stood out. The TOS stuff has so much style and panache in comparison. They are beautiful objects to look at. They feel modern and retro simultaneously.

As much as I love them, TNG+ props are mostly featureless grey, silver and beige blobs. They are the epitome of “sensible”. It makes sense from a realistic design perspective but makes for bad fetish objects. I really love the TNG aesthetic but am fully aware of it’s weaknesses as viable pop culture design artifacts that can be mined for mainstream pop culture consumption. This becomes apparant when looking at TNG era merchandising. They really struggled trying to make cool stuff to meet the desires of the giant fan base that show had at the time. The commucator pin symbol was probably the most iconic thing from the show and that was basically a holdover from the Delta symbol from the 60’s era aesthetic.

Just thinking out loud.

It’ll be interesting to see how well this new push of TNG+ products does in the end and if that 90’s aesthetic can translate to marketable goods. I really wonder what kind of place the later shows hold in the general public’s mind. Hard to gauge when you are a true blue fan boy.


While I respect those who love the post TOS props, I agree with your assessment of them completely!


Well as a diehard SCI-FI FAN, I grew up watching classic movies and TV shows, SO my early Sci-Fi was Forbidden Planet and all the great old early 50s movies, and TV Shows like Science Fiction Story, Rocky Jones: Space Ranger, and the TV show version of Flash Gordon, then Men into Space (a real forgotten TV Show) Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

So I had a lot under my belt when Star Trek, Lost in Space, and all those Allen shows ran, and alongside The Invaders, and a few weaker TV show that followed.

Star Trek was great for its time…

I enjoyed the Next Generation, mainly for its stories, I too did not care for any of the props nor even the Enterprise…

The Trek shows that follow did not make any major improvements on props, although Enterprise trying to go back in time did bring some more interesting props to the show.

But for my book, Babylon Five was the GREATEST Science Fiction Show for all time…GREAT STORIES , GREAT major story arcs, Minbari , Narn , Centauri , and the Vorlons . "The Shadows " and their various allies are malevolent species, what were all of them up to??

Why when the Minbari had Earth completely defeated did they then more or less surrendered?

I could go on but this sums it up very well:

The characters all had major story lines and changed and grew thought out the show and things they did one week lasted and had reactions and in some cases were paid for, like they might in real life…unlike so MANY TV shows were a life changing event would disappear the NEXT week never to heard of again…these stories which took four years to complete.

Plus great costumes, great ships, great props (PPG pistol…) and at the time on a 25 inch TV great special effects.

My ONE BIG WISH is for B5 to get redone effects shots and all to be released in 1080…HD.


You managed to capture the exact antonym of what I think/feel about TNG props!




Don’t get me wrong though . I actually really love the look and feel of TNG though.

The sedate lighting, earthtone colors, rounded corners and soft edges actually compliment the mellow and thoughtful nature of the themes and characters. Story telling through visuals! There is an almost domestic quality to TNG that I really like and apparently a style that normal people in the early nineties REALLY enjoyed as well.

This makes for dorky looking products however. And every time they would try to harden up and sci-fi up the TNG+ material it lost some of it’s unique charm. These phaser rifles definitely fall into that situation for me. A total Catch 22.

That doesn’t change the fact that I’d buy a Wand Company TNG phaser the second it comes out. My nostalgia overcomes the fact that it basically looks like a ahem massage device of some sort. :smile:

Weird how that works out, huh?

Again interesting stuff to think about.


I can appreciate that. Every time I walk the halls of a hospital, which I find myself doing frequently now that I have several family members in and out of them, I compare them to the sickbay on the Enterprise! or Voyagers sickbay!

I always found Star Trek props, mainly Federation props, to be very pleasing, aesthetically speaking. Almost logical when the imaginary function of the device was considered. The colors are neutral, which I like. It’s usually the other stuff, Romulan, Klingon or…Ferengie that I don’t care for.

Keep your eyes on the look-out. Anovos may surprise you.