Anovos Phasers


I like them both but I never could really get past how all the TOS controls, and computers, were just a bunch of lights that somehow crewmen could read a lot out of. Fun but silly to me as well. The TNG was still full of blinkies but there were LCARS readouts and GUIs galore as well, plus just a whole lot more of it that included the movies. They were more practical and functional I agree, but not any more boring to me, and certainly a product of the new LED and digital electronics advances.


I don’t think there are many objects created by man that are more beautiful to me than a TNG Mark VII tricorder, When they tried to make TNG all dark and bad-ass for the movies, it felt so very, very wrong. I can barely watch a few minutes of Nemesis without cringing.

It’s hard to tell which way the aesthetic causality runs. The fact that the TNG aesthetic is so wonky and so unviable as packaged pop culture is precisely why I love it. Contemporary filmic and televisual culture is entirely in the thrall of ADD comic-book re-re-re-boot movies with far more explosions than ideas or characters to care about. (The JJ films fall into this category, of course.) The tricorders, PADDs, medical devices, and interior design of TNG embody a mythos where in the midst of a crisis, the hero’s first impulse is to call for a thoughtful meeting in the conference room rather than throw a punch. A universe like that, and its attendant merchandising, never going to have the appeal of more facile things. I’m OK with that. But I’d like to think there is room at least for super-niche manufacturer’s like Anovos to sell some stuff to those of us who are nostalgic for that very unique—even singular—sci-fi world. If they can find enough people to pay $2500 for a “premier line” TOS movie uniform (I want to be one of them!), surely they can find a few people to pay $1500 for a super nice Mark VII medical, etc.


Wood on the bridge. How cool and weird is that, ya know? Such a ballsy design statement.


Indeed. And all those pastel colors. And a counselor on the bridge too. This is all definitely unlike almost any other science fiction that exists. I think we should treasure and celebrate what made TNG special and weird.

Much of the original concept art was even more lounge-like.

I especially like the version with plants.

Aside: I’ve seen interviews with Zimmerman where he talks about what a huge paint to fabricate that curved wood piece was.


Lots of plants made it elsewhere on the TNG ship though! Even in the observation lounge during Season 1.


Totally. I’ve identified most of them, though that’s probably a subject for another thread. :laughing:




lol madness i think it was like bringing a part of our planet with us intergrating home with tech if you look into that its actually an indian american native indian that say all astetics should be made to match guia the planet harmony peace etc but for all of those who got to go to the hilton were able to expirence it first hand i loved being on the bridge of the enterprise in that ride where you get on the bridge and its just like your thier that was when trek was king and to land at ds9 at quarks i miss that so much it kills me i loved the old ship and there will always be talk of it . . cool post great pics…heres a couple of the old hilton star trek expirence


Yea, I got to go once…man it was a blast.


I think that the TNG TV era is also starting to be remembered very fondly by nostalgic generation that grew up with it.

Interesting times we live in.

agreed big time a freind of mine 30 had never seen trek and now is all over it TNG to be specific


What a great observation about the wood. It keeps the rest if the pinky mauve tones from feeling like a dentist’s waiting room. Grounding, classy, and classic. Well spotted!