Anovos STD phaser


My good buddy recently opened his Phaser box to discover this ! Anovos isn’t good for anything but screwing people over !


Wow. So much for quality control.


I really wish CBS would pull the license for making Star Trek products from Anovos. The unlicensed market runs circles around the licensed market. You’ll get better customer service and product from a guy working out of his basement then you do from these CBS licensed companies. CBS recently went after a pretty well known guy in Star Trek circles for selling unlicensed model kits. But, I have to say the kits were beautiful. A ton of effort went into making them the best they could be. Everything Star Trek builders wanted in kits. Maybe CBS should seek out these people to produce product rather then shut them down. Try to find a affordable way they can be licensed. It’s a joke. CBS just does’nt care, it’s all about a quick buck. It’s clear that Anovos focuses on making sales, when it should be focused on making customers. It’s pretty basic, care about your customers and you’ll make a fortune. That’s my rant for today.


With apologies, I removed the discussion of legal strategy concerning the sale of questionably licensed replicas. I’m not making taking any side in the legal debate; it just seems like that is a discussion more relevant to another venue or forum. Let’s please try to stick to documenting hobbyist builds, sharing research, and (as an ancillary concern) talking about licensed offerings.


I just received this from Anovos.: " Hello,
Yes you will still get it the “your ticket closed” part of the message is a automated part and can be ignored, your item will be shipping According to our production team, wave 2,3,and 4 during our fall Season you will know sooner then I do when it ships since you will get a tracking number.
For easy reference here is our shipping calendar " Now, I feel whole lot better…NOT!


What year is their calendar




With Anovos now saying wave 2 will ship sometime in the “fall” season, that means they could ship as late as Dec. 21st. That will put them 10 months behind schedule. I’m sure it’s not allowed on this site, but a pool as to when all of wave 2 is shipped out by would be interesting. Everybody picks a date and puts 10 bucks in, whoever comes closest wins. I know, I know, it’s not allowed. Anyway, nobody’s going to live long enough to correct the pot. I’m making provisions in my will for which one of my descendants will receive the shipment of my phaser. But, they won’t want it, there’ll be “real” phasers by then.


You may some day receive your Wave 2 but when will the stand show up ? My wave 2 came 2 months ago but still waiting on stand


You received your phaser in July. If it takes them till December to deliver all of wave 2, that’s 6 months. At 50 units to a wave, that’s 8.3 phasers a month. What, do they have one guy in China building these things? And they still turn out quality like the phaser in trekcolencc1701’s pic.


I was wave 1. Got the phaser in January. Still no stand


Well for 500 Bucks I guess we should be lucky we got the Phaser and not the stand.


Unbelievable. What’s the stand supposed to look like, btw? How much did it cost?


I’ll bet Anovos does’nt know what the stand looks like.


It was to come with the phaser. And no clue. Never released a photo of it


Here is a supposed rendering of the stand but who knows if and when it will show up or if it will actually look like this…


Huh. You’d think they would have posted pics of the stand. Helps to promote the thing.

Don’t know if that 3D rendering is legit, as the Starfleet emblem differs from what’s seen in DSC.


The stand rendering is from their instructions PDF:

What’s off on the logo? It seems to match official merchandise and what the art director posted here:

I too wish I knew what was going on with the stands (and the phasers in general for those who haven’t received theirs yet). I asked John Cooley about the status of the stands at the Las Vegas booth but he could provide no information and suggested I contact support (sigh).

There were two phaser pistols in the Las Vegas booth, and they had an odd paint variation - the “grip safety” at the upper rear of the handle was painted silver on both, a detail which is not accurate to any reference I’ve seen, and is inconsistent with previously shipped Anovos phasers. For what it’s worth those two phasers seemed to be holding up to regular demonstration handling fairly well with the only immediately obvious wear being to that grip safety paint. I can only speculate as to the reason for the odd paint – incorrect shade of touch-up/field repair paint? – as Cooley could not explain that either.


Sent an E-Mail this morning about the stand. Will see how they blow me off.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Anovos kills me. They set up a booth in Las Vegas, but nobody at that booth can answer the questions that most of their customers are going to have. Anybody with half a brain would know your going to get these exact questions. Be ready, have clear honest answers. You might be able to breathe life back into your dead reputation.