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Hey everyone, Im sorry to burden anyone for posting this but It has to be done as this is a Star Trek company.

Long story short I ordered a uniform TOS and then it got cancelled, was told I would get the new better one and it would come January 2016…….It is now September and it is not in my hands nor have I been able to get any straight answers except it will come soon by customer support. I did a little research and found out some very scary and worrying info about them…

They have 12 open cases on the BBB about people not getting orders, they sent a letter to talk to them and they have yet to get a response. They have a F BBB rating and they are reported to be fraudulent.

Anyone have this issue with Anovos ??? I need some serious convincing that they are legit and that I will have my uniform " Soon ". Ive seen them at comic con and meet some of them, but I still and very uneasy about them.

Please Help



Anovos is a legitimate company, with a bonafide license from CBS/Paramount to produce replicas of the various Star Trek uniforms and accessories seen on their website.

I’ve heard their focus tends to be more on the non-Trek products they carry (ie. TFA Stormtrooper kits), so what we’re interested in suffers as a result. Their customer service also leaves something to be desired, which understandably is a source of aggravation for some folks.

The one and only transaction I had with them was not a good one, wherein I’d ordered a gold Operations TNG uniform which I waited on for (I think) about two months just to have them tell me it had been discontinued and they issued me a full refund through Paypal.

About a week later, what do I find in the mail but the very same uniform they said was no longer available. Upon opening the package I was dismayed to find that a lot of the seams and corners (ie. shoulders) were badly sewn so it was all bunched up and wasn’t wearable as-is.

On the bright side, I ended up not having to pay anything for it, which is good given the lacking quality of the tunic I received. I am making arrangements with someone else to fix it so that it will sit properly around the neck and shoulders, and not all bunched up.


They do have problems


I have heard a few such stories from others, and I have also had some bad experiences as a customer myself where they just utterly failed to reply to any support inquiries by email such as an exchange request due to sizing. I ended up having to pay $200 to get some paints fundamentally rebuilt for sizing simply because I couldn’t get Anovos to exchange mine for a smaller size like they theoretically say they are willing to do.

That being said, much of their Trek work is quite good, but if you look at their current inventory, Trek is obviously not high on their list of priorities.


All I can say is that a member on TPZ had issues with them about issuing a credit/refund and it took several calls/E-Mails to get some action. They finally got it resolved with the help of some other members.


I’ve had two transactions with Anovos. The first was at Creation Vegas 2015. I bought a pair of TOS paints. They arrived in good order by mail a couple of weeks later at my home. The second was at Mission NY this year. I bought a TOS velour command tunic at an exhibitors discount. I am very satisfied with both purchases. I was with someone in NY who had a similar problem as trekcolencc. He was also waiting a very long time for a pre ordered velour tunic. Anovos made good on that order with stock they had at the con. The people at their booth were very friendly. I never overheard any discussion about their customer service problems however. Hopefully they fix this problem soon, they sell nice stuff.


Do you mind uploading any pictures of the tunic, as I am awaiting the same one as yours in command. I would love to see it ! I also saw them at STLV but was told since mine was already ordered I would have to cancel online and buy one from them directly again.



While I don’t work for Anovos or speak for them, I am a frequent customer. They aren’t a mass-merchant company (Rubie’s.) They aren’t an Etsy-type handmade service, either ( They are in-between – offering a wide assortment of Star Trek, Ghostbuster, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica gear – but not everything they’ve ever sold is available at all times. And yes, there can be VERY long waits. They produce items in “waves” (in China), and aren’t shy about taking pre-orders – which trigger the long wait. We live in an “Amazon” economy, accustomed to immediate notification, shipping status, and lightning-fast responses. In short, we’re all used to instant gratification. If you MUST have it now, then I would recommend buying from them on-site at a convention. That’s what I did recently with one of the new TOS Velour line tunics. But then I turned around and ordered something else that will probably take months to receive.


My experience has been like @dave’s. I’ve bought one of just about everything Star Trek they have made for TOS, TWOK and TNG. My longest wait has been 2 years or so for the TWOK. When the products arrive they usually don’t fit and I have to do an exchange. So lately I’ve taken to buying at conventions, or at least trying on things for size at conventions before I order. I’ve also brought mis-sized items back to them at conventions and walked away with the correct size. At the recent Vegas convention I bought a blue velour tunic as they had several in stock. I know that folks weren’t pleased that they were at the convention but still haven’t been shipped to their homes.

I have also bought from outfits like Shadowdale and waited 3 years or more and when the stuff arrived it wasn’t acceptable but there was no way I would send it back and wait for a do over.


can any of you that have purchased the velour post some pictures of it here ?? Would love to see them up close rather than the pictures on the website. And I have yet to find any pictures of them online



Here you go. This is straight from the box so it’s still a little wrinkled from being folded up. I wear a medium shirt but this is a size small. It fits well even with a tee shirt underneath. The sleeve length is perfect too, which can be a problem for me. There is room for it to be fitted properly by a professional sewer if you so choose.


Hey !! Thank you, I appreciate it…it looks good on you !!!


Thanks. Good luck resolving this problem.


Here are a couple of comparison shots of various Anovos tunics, so you can get a feel for the relative color.

Back-to-front, this is the “Charlie X” wraparound, a third-season avocado, the new gold velour, and the second season wrap-around (“The Trouble With Tribbles”)



The insignia on the first season-style Velour is also slightly different than the third-season style Avocado double-knit.



In terms of how it feels when you wear it? In the Velour, as JoeB mentioned, there is more room to move around. The third-season tunics are designed to hug the body. Even my XXL Velour tunic was comfortable and fun to wear. Plus I had it dry cleaned after STAR TREK VEGAS and it still looks “mahvelous”…




what are your measurements? chest and waist, there are only small sizes left of the gold velour on anovos, and i would like to know if they fit me, thanks!