Autograph Hounding


Yesterday I went to the Santa Rosa Toy and Comic Con to see Nichelle and Walter for autographs. That was fun but the whole con just wasn’t my style with the only props I could find being computer game oriented and some guy that would make light sabers for you while you watched. I just can’t get into those ridiculously over sized game weapons. It’s like trying to fire a Volkswagon!

I decided I’d get the power leech and STIV com signed and make a display of them together. I still have to do the display which I think will use mirrors in some fashion.

I liked this idea because of the scene in the movie that goes along with it.


I also picked up a signature to build a display stand with for the blood scanner. He recognized what it was and even tried to turn it on which was fun.

And also one to go with rel57’s great Uhura TOS ear comm. Alas there were some new scratches in the plate but oh well.


Awesome. Those will make for great displays!


Cool stuff right there for sure !



I’m adding mine from “the one with the whales” that I had signed by both Walter and Nichelle at Trekonderoga 2017 last month. Not a prop but it made a nice item for them to sign and to display related to IV The Voyage Home and fits this thread.




That’s so cool!! Did Walter say anything about seeing the power leach in Denver when he was here in April? I had him sign mine that you made when he was here. He didn’t remember what it was until he turned on the lights and then he said he remembered it.


Looks perfectly natural in his hands doesn’t it? :smile:


No, no word about that, but he did try to turn on the blood scanner which he recognized right away, and for a moment I think he may have thought it was the original, but that’s just speculation.


Walter got a kick out of my PADD too when he signed it. He was probably the most enthusiastic of all the TOS people who signed this for me.


I remember that PADD and had thought of perhaps doing that.


Not a fan of autographs on props but I do like what you guys did here.


I know what you mean Gary, but I thought it would be simple to make replacement parts for where they were signed since both parts are held on with magnets for battery access.


The autograph thing is a funny topic that comes up from time to time. The folks at these conventions LOVE their autographs like something I had never seen before. They carry around books and books of 8x10 headshots to have personalized and signed, but had no clue what any of the props I had on me were. These are die hard fans who worship the scribble and couldn’t care less about the props. Then you have Prop guys, on the other hand, screaming bloody murder because some actor scribbled their name on a prop and ruined it. I understand both sides (well I understand the prop side more). I too screamed, “what the hell?!?” when I saw hat someone had Shatner autograph an original uniform shirt. But I personally think the PADDs are a clever way to show off some of the actors autographs, and if Scott wants his props that he built to be handled and signed by Chekhov and Uhura, then more power to ya. Not that anyone here was that critical, but I’ve seen that reaction time after time over the years.


Just don’t have screen used one signed as it does decrease the value of the prop for most screen used collectors and I know that you never want to sell them, But stuff happens and you will not get what you should if it is signed.
By all means have a replica signed as in that case it adds personal value to it.


^ that’s the official guideline :slight_smile:


Nice job Scott, everything looks great and getting those autos isn’t always going to be possible. Your displays will be cool, too.


Nichelle and Walter were always great for autographs but Nichelle takes first place for signing everything you had back in the day, such patience with long lines and such a lovely autograph.


I asked her if there were some things she wouldn’t sign. She said “I just sign what they put in front of me”.


I won’t have any of my original props signed as I know that’s not usually the best thing, but replicas are fine by me as long as it doesn’t take away from the look of the prop. For instance, I would never have the cast sign my Lost In Space Robot but I had Mark Goddard sign a spare power pack instead so the real power pack can stay clean. In the case of Scott’s beautiful photon collector props, that back cover is a perfect spot as it is removable and it’s not going to be seen for the most part. That’s where I had Walter sign mine as well. By the way, Scott, I still love my photon collector! One of my favorites in my collection! :grinning: