Bolian Tonic Water


Been searching for this water decanter/jug for a while, any clues?Leyton_offers_Bolian_tonic_water


Not quite the same… but they’re triangular…

or sort of triangular

–Paul E Musselman


Interesting, definitely very close! Thanks!


Are there more images from the episode?


Yep, from Paradise Lost…but not much clearer


More reference images.

The three white containers looks stylistically close enough to be from a set.

The two silver items might be thermoses.

Then there are clear glasses.

And those skewed grey plastic-looking tumblers.

The tall picture with the flared base reminds me of this.


Another appearance in DS9 1x01 Emissary.


By the way, I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to find what these pitchers are with no luck. Anyone else who wants to try is appreciated.


I found another appearance. This is on Risa, and a waitress is pouring drinks for the table. The tall pitcher has been painted gold here.

DS9 5x07 Let He Who Is Without Sin…