Boozy Trek [TOS Bottle Discussion Only Please]


So apparently lady luck graciously offered me some consolation prizes for not being able to attend Trekonderoga…Two items that have remained elusive to me for years popped up on Ebay within
a week of each other… and with BIN options… (what are the odds ?)
I now have the Kentucky Tavern Decanter and Scotty’s very old scotch decanter. I’ll post pics as
soon as I figure that out, as well as a “how to” on the conversion of the whisky decanter as soon
as I get the label from a fellow Fleetster. I’m also researching the possibility of having the electroplate
restored on the Kentucky Tavern Decanter…will post results and findings…
Cheers (quite literally)


Cheers to that consolation prize!


Nice catch! That Old Kentucky Tavern decanter is on my permanent search list…I missed out but it’s your gain. I still need the correct stopper for mine.


These posts are slightly out of order…
I’ve started with the labels, I ended up using Adam’s uploaded pdf file and imported it into photoshop as I thought the colors were slightly over saturated in all of the versions that are out there. I edited some of the
text that I found a bit tongue in cheek.
Rather than use the common vinyl sticker, which I think is neither prop or period accurate I re-sized and ultimately reprinted the label on moisture sensitive label paper. This is how labels were originally affixed to bottles, including the “real life” Old Rarity… The paper option also doesn’t have that artificial glossy vinyl look.
Next up is the bottle prep…


The bottle itself

There is a front, back and side. This particular bottle also came with a very rare presentation box.
(seller claimed from 1934)


I wanted to BIN the scotch bottle but at the time I just didn’t have an extra $150. Congrats to you.


Congrats on the finds! I know all too well how rarely those come up! The Booze Trek is probably my favorite part of prop collecting. I was absurdly happy when I finally got the Kentucky Tavern decanter.


I like the I Dream of Jeannie bottle in the back.


I see you have another rare piece in there…The Lord Calvert gift bottle ! Still trying to locate that one.


I have a pretty good size collection of Trek bottles. I’ll have to take some better pics…


Wow! Nice.


Sorry, I hope I’m not hijacking this thread, but I really love Trek booze! Here are some of mine…

Back row from left - Triskelion Whiskey, Andorian Whiskey, Bajoran Spring Wine
Front row from left - Cardassian Languor, Risan Wine, Something Green.


Some more Trek booze…

Back row from left - Aldebaran Whiskey, Ferengi Snail Juice, Andorian Ale, Something Blue
From row from left - Something Green, Vulcan Port


A few more…

Back row from left - Quark’s Carafe, Captain’s Decanter
Front row from left - Kazon Pitcher, Phlox’s Bottle, Haven Decanter

Back row from left - Small Vulcan Port, Hoshi’s Green, Ferengi Eelwasser, Syrup of Squill
From row from left - Slug-O Cola, Diet Slug-O Cola (my invention), Red Slug Energy Drink (my invention)




Awesome ! When is happy hour ?


You’re not… you’re contributing nicely :wink:


It’s always happy hour in space!


Awesome job MadDogWillie!! If you need vinyl labels, let me know! I have most of them vectored and ready to go!


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