Boozy Trek [TOS Bottle Discussion Only Please]


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Created a whole new thread for non TOS bottles, put it under DS9 only because Quark’s Bar has the widest assortment of bottles
@Mr.Atoz I’ve also modified the title of this thread to help clarify your intent in creating the thread.


May I humbly suggest:

Boozy Trek TOS Era
Boozy Trek TNG Era
Boozy Trek DS9 Era

It may seem like a lot, but not if you’re looking for something specific, and it will keep references and collection pictures distinct.


ermergerd…all this confusing kerfuffle has driven me to drink…
currently imbibing some romulan ale…thank you very much.
Bar hop anyone ?


Well, I personally only know TOS bottles.

Frankly, the rest all look the same to me and I couldn’t
tell you what series they are from. Isn’t there crossover from TNG on where bottles commonly appear in more than one series. Quarks Bar seemed to have widest assortment so I put it all under DS9 instead of TOS or TNG.


I am astounded at the vast number of bottles there are in the Trek universe. I think it would be great if they were categorized according to era.


Here are some of my collection on display at The Tour. I am only missing a couple of bottle/glass items from TOS, I am always on the hunt for them!



^ Nice, thanks for helping steer this thread back on track per OP’s intent.


Where did the green thermos/canteen make an appearance ? Intrigued !


^ I was wondering the same thing.


And thank you for sharing these photos James, for those of us who can’t make it out there… this is the next best thing.


What an awesome collection!


First pilot “The Cage” with Pike/Vina [AKA Hunter/ Oliver] also those Cage scenes as flashbacks in “The Menagerie”.


Wow, ok… I remember the red carafe…but not that canteen/thermos…have to take another look !


^ Not 100% sure, certainly the thermos/carafe pictured next to it.


The green canteen is behind Vina in this pic from “The Cage”


Amazing! You have the best toys !


I have the Blue and the Green goblets, now I have finally scored the amber ones and the search for all three is complete! I now have a complete set of them as seen on TOS!



One that was full and sealed. Just like the one used. Sold for 700 about 8 months ago


Are the two blue brandy glasses original? If so I’m curious who made them?