Boozy Trek [TOS Bottle Discussion Only Please]


Always loved chatting with Greg about the props on your show


I finally got this done this weekend. Gave the bottle a soak in warm water with dish soap and baking soda to remove the original labels. This bottle is not only worth a ransom to Trek collectors… There are bottle collectors who would freak out at the notion of removing a nearly 100 year old label off the bottle. So wanted
to preserve the labels (you never know…) The labels sloughed off rather nicely in the solution and I air dried them on a nylon cutting board so they wouldnt re-adhere. I’ll archive the original labels…
The new label that I printed out on that water fixed label stock is amazing. It bonds to the glass just like the original, the water doesnt affect the print as it was laser printed. And because it is not a sticker it looks much more convincing as a “real” label in the end.


I so need to finish mine up.


I just won one the other day.
Delivered 20 minutes ago!!

Would you be more specific on the brand and style of the label you used?

I don’t have a Laser printer so anything that you recommend would be helpful…



OK, I have almost everything you have on display in my collection.
The ones I don’t have I know are just “impossible” to find but I have to ask…


PS I’m disabled and am dying to pay you a visit. You’re about 5 hours away and traveling Is next to impossible for me but I’m hoping to feel well enough in the future!!
Your dedication is not only amazing but the envy of every Trekker…EVER!!


Also, do you know how to build an Atavachron?


check the earlier part of the thread where I posted the pics of the actual material.


Yes, yes I do… do you need to be prepared ?


I was born ready but not necessarily “Prepared!”
I’m trying to ID the metallic tripod base where he looked at the disks.

I believe it’s the same one used in Return to Tomorrow that held Sargon’s consciousness too?


Gaston produced one a few years back.