Boozy Trek [TOS Bottle Discussion Only Please]


I say the exact bottle on eBay a year or two ago. I was watching it, but let it slip through my fingers. I don’t think it went back up for sale.


Old Rarity has been one for which I’ve searched for ages. I’ve found several screw tops but still looking for the earlier cork stopper one. I’m also on the lookout for this Lord Calvert bottle. I’ve found a tapered pyramidal stopper as I don’t believe it original to the bottle. There were/are soooo many bottles/glasses…I’m sticking with TOS for now. image


I have that bottle, but not the stopper! What’s the stopper?


What about this bottle? Seems close but the lip I think is different?



wow… were did you find that… that’s a close second


It’s on Etsy, but too pricey for me!


I believe the original stopper was round, the screen used one is pyramidal/tapered.