Burke Chair Ralph Miller question


Wonder if the issue is as simple as how the software treats “.JPG” versus “.JPEG” ? I noticed that the “JPEG” photos are sideways/upside down. Just a thought.


^ I had the same thought a while back, tried both file extensions and it made no difference for me.


At this time I have no computer at home. I post mostly on my iphone and it is a huge pain in the ass about this orientation thing. I love this site but… Anyway, it so happened that my computer at work has been down a few days while upgrading it. Finally I have it it up and could copy, re-orientate and repost these photos. Its very very time consuming and I hate it. Also sometimes I go to all that trouble and they dont orientate properly anyway.

So… I took my chairs off the ceiling and put them on the floor so that i conform to normal earth gravity orientation.


I’ll ping them again. The issue was fixed in the source repository, but I’m not sure if it has propagated to our installation yet.


Thanks @norbauer :slight_smile:


Wow! Beautiful job! That is a TON of work but I’m sure it was well worth it…you now have the coolest gaming table ever.


Thanks @Landru it was a TON of work and a couple of years of acquiring parts. So glad to have them done. and they are comfortable thank god. It would be hilarious if no one wanted to sit in them. Kinda perfect for gaming amazingly.


No worries. Sorry for the trouble this issue has caused.

Turns out they’re still working on getting this fix into the stable branch, which is what we use


Hi, I am new to this group.


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Welcome to the Fleet Ralph.
There has been a lot of talk on here about you.
Glad you could join us.
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Dude!!! Glad u are here! You make a great contribution to Trek Props n thrilled to see you here LLAP


Oh God. I just realized you posted in my thread! I hope you take my musings on the process in stride. I have huge respect for your work :slight_smile: The chairs came out great! Couldnt do it without you!


Welcome Ralph. Glad you are here.


Thank you, glad to be here.:grinning:


Welcome Ralph!! Enjoy the Forum.


Welcome to the Fleet


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Welcome to the Fleet, Ralph. Great to see you on board.