Burke Chair Trivia


I’m having flash backs to my high school lunch room, not the set but the guys giving me and my friends the biz. Something bout’ us losers at they’re table or whatever-:grimacing:


I like to think that all the guys that did that to me in high school are either dead or in prison.


Has anyone ever ID’d the K-7 bar chairs?

BTW, I am in love with the Chromcraft split “V” leg on the “Kagan” (Sculpta Unicorn) chairs.


I know, it’s made for “Trek” style. I seem them for sale myself and always just miss out.


Personally I’m not a huge fan of the tufted style upholstery, but the overall shape is really nice, and the base is amazingly cool.


Yea , just the shape and leg-


re: the K7 bar chairs-- IIRC, in David Gerrold’s “The Making of the Trouble with Tribbles,” the chairs were an ultra-modern chair, just out, and there were only 2 per dealership in ?LA?, and the show borrowed them all. I believe they were ID’d in the book. In the fight, the director asked “What can I break?” and was told “NOT THE CHAIRS!” Supposedly, one chair sailed (gently) through the air, but otherwise they were off limits.
–Paul E Musselman


The K-7 bar chairs were made by Paul McCobb, were marketed as “Faceted Form” chairs and are affectionately known as “origami” chairs. One site I found says they were designed by George C. Mulhauser, Jr. There were armless and armed versions.


Nailed it. Thanks.


I own this chair. I am moving and need to let go of a few chairs (I’m a chair collector) it will be on an auction site soon…


Castings of the McCobb Origami Arm Chair were also used in the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations” and then later one of the chairs turned up in Ensign Mayweather’s quarters on Star Trek Enterprise.

I own one of the Deep Space Nine castings used in the remake of the Space Station K-7 bar scene. Actual armchair versions of McCobb Origami chairs are very, very difficult to find.

They also are remarkably comfortable – with lots of room! (Unlike the spindly Burke chairs…)

Thx for posting the .PDF of the McCobb brochure. I’d not seen that before!


I didn’t know those were fake. Interesting!


Just made a replacement arm rest for one of those.


One on eBay right now.


Kinda cool, but not the version with the armrests. Had no idea just how rare those were. Wife wouldn’t allow either one in the house anyway. :slight_smile:


That is such a bummer man, I feel your pain- Chairs are useful items not the same with other “Props”. My wife and I have conflicts over similar problems- :roll_eyes:


No pain really; that chair is a bit “esoteric” and I have no great desire for one anyway. Same goes for the Pike chair, which my wife probably would allow but which I’d only only buy for the right price. I could see that one making for a nice office chair.


Life is pain- at least it feels like it most days but I keep smiling :rofl:


Does anyone know where this chair would have come from? Did Paramount still have one in storage when they did this episode?

TNG 1x03 The Naked Now

Here’s one in the corridor. Can’t tell if it has a back.

They also used the bases attached to different chair seats. If I come across an image, I’ll post it.


The first one doesn’t have the triangles on the back and looks unpainted so guessing it was probably put together for the episode.