Cage Laser and Communicator


These are my favorite TOS props…the first pilot laser pistol and communicator.

The laser was constructed from a 3D printed body and metal parts. I sanded down the 3D print followed by a wipe down with acetone to get rid of any remaining print lines. This was followed by a primer coat, and several coats of airbrushed semi-gloss black enamel. After a week of curing, I sprayed a semi-gloss clear enamel. Its a static prop, so no working trigger or telescoping barrel.

The communicator was purchased several months ago.

Love these guys and glad to have them in my collection. At some point soon, I will make a replica of the second pilot laser pistol.


They look great man.


They are Awesome.


Looks good!

They have such a cool look and feel to them. The Cage props are great!


You’re ready for a landing party. :wink:


I’m isually a stickler for cannon props, but that Tricorder is just too cool. If you can make these yourself maybe you might be inspired to try your take on a cage Tricorder.


That would be a fun project. I would have to get some practice working with resin. I’ve never made a part before from scratch with resin. But I didn’t know how to solder a few years ago either. Lol.


Those look fantastic! Where did you get the metal parts for the laser pistol?