Capt. Picard's Mintakan Tapestry from "Who Watches the Watchers"


The closeup of the original appears to have a seam down the middle… and I’m sure the jute-based upholstery fabric comes in assorted widths.


I cant believe Ive forgotten to post some pics of the supplies I used to do mine a while back.

The only thing that I dont have picture is a string of 1/8" trim of pearl beads.


I think I might be able to help… This version of the tapestry was supposed to appear on Picard’s chair in Star Trek Nemesis, but the director, Stuart Baird nixed the idea after his first look at the set. It was on set for one day and never returned,


Wow! I was just looking through screen captures of Nemesis last night and noted the absence of the tapestry from his chair.

Great info! Thanks!


Completely random idea… I just saw this ad on Facebook and while yes it’s the wrong colors - made me think… what about shoelaces for this elusive 2tone trim?


That actually led me to this cording… it’s not perfect, but it’s the closest match I’ve come across. Thoughts?


With the tapestry being 4ft long… does anyone know how much of the 2-tone cording is needed? I know it’s at least four 4ft pieces for the vertical pieces. But I’m stumped on figuring out how much I need for the 2 ‘zig zags’. I’m sure I could use Pythagorean theorem to come up with it - but - that seems a little excessive for a ‘sewing’ question and I tend to over think things. SO, any help would be appreciated! Thank you!!!


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Thanks! Was tired of the C.