Captain Lorca's Gorn Skeleton


Now THAT is something I would love to own.


Do the circular ear “holes” look metallic? Interesting interpretation if so.


I didn’t see it until you pointed it out, but now that’s all I see. That or a hard shiny plastic. Definitely an unnatural glare where the light catches it. Could be a dark steel or dark green plastic…


Looks almost like someone hit it with some sort of countersink hole saw after it was already complete (or mostly)


I think that is just part of the mounting process


Maybe it was meant to indicate some sort of hearing device, maybe some type of
hearing enhancement implant/mechanism? Never noticed it before


A side view


I’ve started a 1:1 sculpt of this skull (it’s been haunting me). So, I’ve been continually searching for more reference. Here are a couple new angles that have recently shown up.