Captains Chair build


I’m going to start my Captains Chair build this weekend and was wondering what is different from the plans that have been around for years?


Have used the plans to make one… and now making two more… I’ve seen variations on the plans… but really… it looks like personal preference. None of the changes are “better” than the original.


I think the plans done years ago work great. …you can get in over your head trying to adjust here and there but the effect is captain kirks command chair and no one cares about a degree or two lol post some pics please


I’ve been meaning to start a thread that collated updated info as best as possible, but in the meantime I’ll pass along anything I come across. Here’s a diagram I found in my files by Mike Paugh from a 2014. I don’t know if that is more current than what you’re working from, nor if there has been much publicly shared that’s new since then.