Caught this guy on the table this morning


He was giving me attitude until I flashed my phaser…


He must’ve followed you home from Sick Bay.


That is really cool, I’ve always loved this sculpt.
Does he/she have three appendages on the right side but only two on the left or is there a claw tucked away that we can’t see. I’d like to sculpt one of these from Super Sculpey.


That came out great. It will look awesome in the living room!



He has an odd number of claws, just the one extra.


^ Is this a resin piece? Did you paint it? Sculpt it?


It is resin, beautifully cast by Dale Morton, painted by me.


Now thats cool!!


Nice job…love it!


A very cool,& interesting piece. Something I’d like to have, not only for my collection but just because it looks different & a piece that has history to tell.



Great, was it taken off the original or a found item?


Unsure, I think it may have been a freehand sculpt by Dale that he then created a mold from. It’s very close to the one seen in Sickbay, but not exact from what I can see.



That’s pretty cool Joel.


Very cool!


I lied. He does have a sixth claw, which for some reason I just noticed. I’ll snap a pic when I’m home.


^ Liar liar pants on fire! :slightly_smiling_face: I can’t believe there is another claw somewhere…I’ve looked at a ton of pics of this critter and I’ve never seen a sixth claw. Can’t wait to see it.


Hmm…I replied to the post via email with pics attached, didn’t show up. So here we go, the elusive sixth claw.


There it is! Cool, thanks, Joel.