Chancellor Gorkon's Chain of Office


I have been wanting to make this forever for my female Klingon cosplay. I am choosing not to include the hanging medallion and to only make it so that it attaches at the shoulders instead of going all the way around the body because I don’t want my long wig to catch on it in the back.

I first sculpted the various pieces out of clay.

And then I pressed them into Easy Mold Silicone Putty. After letting it dry for half an hour, I cleaned out the mold and poured in FastCast plastic.

Next will be the painting and then attaching it all together. Here is my reference:

I know there’s SOMETHING in the middle piece between the bars, but I can’t for the life of me make out what it is, so I chose to leave it blank for now.


Looks great so far!


@DigiGal Thanks! :slight_smile:


How cool. Fascinating how just three repeated shapes can make up a piece with such an intimidating feel. Looking forward to seeing more!


Great job. I cant wait to see how the paint job turns out.


Wow, that’s looks amazing!


Fantastic work!




Painted it tonight. I decided on gold, since a lot of elements of my Klingon outfit have gold. It’s becoming very regal, haha.

Not sure if I want to clear coat it or not. Thoughts?


Looks a gre’thor of a lot better then the one I commissioned a guy to make almost a year ago and still haven’t received. Excellent job!


@FleetRnD Awwww, thanks!!! :slight_smile: That really sucks about yours. I hate people who can’t follow through like that.


That’s really impressive @wildmaven! Like @EWilliams, I had never really noticed before that this was made out of only three component pieces. For whatever it’s worth, Maggie Schpak’s workshop in Glendale is who made the original.


the kicker is - that it’s done… as bad as it may look… he’s just ridiculously slow with delivery and one thing after another. i’m not even asking for updates anymore :confused: IF you ever decide to do a casting of yours though - please let me know :smiley:


This came out really nice. The masters and castings look great. I’ve tried using silicone putty once but did not get good results. Do you have any pictures of the mold. It would be interesting to see them.


@JoeB It’s hard to see the interior, but here’s the mold for one of the pieces:


That’s great thank.


Had a blast in my Klingon outfit at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention. Got lots and lots of compliments on the Chain of Office!






That’s a great costume, unfortunately I missed it. I would have loved to have seen that necklace.