Chekov's medical scanner from Star Trek VI


Not really any more to relate. I didn’t make the mold but I think it was from a part similar to the above pictured metal one. The castings are like that to start with but I don’t have a picture of a raw one. Only after the bottom gets the slot made by layering.


I didn’t get time to hunt down the medical device today but I’ll try again.


They were made first by Daryl and myself back in the 90’s. They were taken off the set used prop. I still have the masters in a box somewhere


Hi Kevin. That would make perfect sense.


If I can find it in the next few days, I will post photos of it


This is really excellent, guys. Thank you so much for already making our little community here a growing treasure trove of otherwise very hard-to-find information!


Your more then welcome. If memory serves, the cleat tip was off a breathing machine used in a hospital


Apparently the original is going to be auctioned off at the Propworx auction in Vegas this August.


Fascinating. Is there a link to the auction catalog somewhere? I’ll try to go take good pics.


I need more. I found the current nebulizer cups and just don’t bother.


I read about it on another forum, and the posts have since been deleted. I think that the official LV convention site had all the auction lots listed out on their site and weren’t supposed to, maybe? I dunno…


The Original piece was made by Bruce Wegman


And that was used in the earlier film, I also put in the motor and colored rods to make it work.

Greg Jein made this one and I helped by making the rings for the slides.


Is it me or is this the base of the Gorkon scanner ?? I also think it appears again same base but with a top change - who has the best version , Then I can beg er ask offer money etc etc , so I could then make all three ! !


I was told by Ed Miarecki that the original was based of a magnifying tool used to check the angles or radius of parts. The Gorkon scanner was made by Ed back in 1990 both he and I designed it but the centered section had to be that shape and we created around it. Now I see why they must have wanted the medical devices to look similar.