Classic Trek Uhura earpiece


Created from interpretation of previous drawings and also screen captures to be as accurate as possible.
Aluminum and custom stand designed by me.
Went with .0469" fins - i screen matched it so I think I got it.


Nice job, your stand resembles the same approach I took.


But is it possible to approximate the CIRCUITRY of the MK05 bridge ear receivers?
THAT is the multi-million-credit question here.
Mere installation of hearing-aid circuitry inside it, for example, will NOT be good enough; the completed device will have to be capable of picking up radio signals.
And there were no accommodations for any main power cells or recharging! Those details will have to be addressed as well.


Very nice work!

Steve P.


No doubt powered by a tiny rechargeable dilithium battery!


Considering Apple’s Bluetooth AirPods are available today implies it has to be possible to put the same technology into a replica of a TOS Brige Earpiece. Paging Wand Company to make this a reality.


Nice work, looks great!


WOW! that is amazing how we both came up with a similar design - I had never seen your before. I made mine as I thought it was the most logical and stylish! Great minds eh??


Were you selling yours at any point?
I see your fins are pretty thin - mine is a bit heavy BUT I think the originals on set probably had a different ear canal plug that kept the device more snug in the ear - hence able to keep it in more of an outstretched position.
Was this one peice or many?


The one pictured above was done in a run by a member on another forum. I have one also.


No I didn’t make my Bridge Earpiece, it was a run someone had done elsewhere last year.

I made/modified the stand for it though which was a found item originally made for something else.


Here is my rendering and blueprint I produced when I made it.