Computer Discs for tricorder


I have all my parts together for my first tric.

I am happy with all the parts except the computer discs I would like to tweak. I am realizing probably more than one of you have already been down this rabbit hole.

The computer discs I got with my parts is a tube with even grooves. Legend has it that the one disc was removable at the far right.

As per this photo you can see at least a wider groove at the end of the row. This is actually the edition of Tric I want to build. I have collected the jeweled crowns, got a leather strap, grill and the flat handles I can cut no problem I think. I have all the rest. I was lucky to come across some upgrades etc. Here is the original parts and I have as I said upgraded odds and ends to go with these glorious pieces.

I had some friends at a local machine shop help me draw a cad for the pieces as I imagine it. I shrunk each disc just a little and kept the same gap. Then have one separate disc the same dimension.

Anyone have any thoughts on this being the best guess for all this. I got quotes for machining OMG very expensive…sigh. One or two which is all I need would be pricey. 6 or 8 get to be reasonable but about 100.00 per set. Grrrrr and that’s with me supplying the 1.25 inch solid aluminum rod which I already have gotten.

Maybe someone already makes these or… I want it to look like the photo with a wider gap and removable disc. Thank god this is an OCD forum or else you guys would make fun of me. Go ahead actually :slight_smile: I also luckily have a friend that is sending me a disc row that is made from solid aluminum so I could just go easy and cut the last disc off carefully and see if that works.


Looks like a fun project. Did you get all the parts made? -SGT


I think you seek Master Pielock. He’s done trics with the removable disc before…


I’ve made three or four, data drums I can’t remember exactly. One had a wider groove at the end to simulate the removable disc. They are a real pain for my skill level and I’m sorry Dave but I won’t do it again.



Very cool that you are going to make the removable disc. Love that…

A suggestion…

You don’t have to make new pull handles. Use the included handles backwards. That’s what I did. You may need to sand down the thickness of the rounded side of the pull and sand the thickness of the door insert but it works quite well.


Here’s my version, finished just in the last couple of weeks. And my attempt at recreating wah’s pic.


Thing of beauty Larry.


Thanks Joe. This is my second TMOST build.


Dude that is so smart looking!


Pro tip


Hey @JoeB this is all about fun for me. Would never want you to if it was a grind. (Pun intended)


I know but Pielock has his hands full right now … I was trying to solve it without bothering the master :slight_smile:


I understand. Best of luck with your endeavor!


@LostinTrek Your tricorder is beautiful. -SGT


That’s the buddy price for sure. For “onzies” (a one-off prototype if you wish) I figure a day of time per part, or small set like this, with time and overhead I try to get as close to $800/job as possible.

I just ran the T-Jets; 500 pcs. in proper aluminum, flew out of the machine like bullets LOL. I’m bringing some to the Shatner weekend when I fly up.

I am considering running all the other Tricorder stuff late this year. Just need to find the time to do the STEP/IGS files. So little time; so many props. I can then help you then at a much better price point.



my other handle is startrekguy 2012 with the same avatar…


Okay got the parts in! Love em! So purty!!!



Very nice addition for your tricorder Dave!


Looking cool Dave.