Crusher's Battery-Powered PADDs


Can anyone tell me what is going on here? She’s got a thick PADD with some kind of door…when she tilts it, the door is now open and the screen looks illuminated. So I presume this was lit and that’s the battery compartment? Does this ever show up otherwise?

1x07 Lonely Among Us

Also, what are those blocks that Wesley is fiddling with?


Interesting…never caught that before.


In the 3rd picture, there appears to be light bleed from the midplate about half way along.


Don’t know if this is posted anywhere else, but this is a second battery-powered unit from the same episode. It doesn’t look like it’s really used for its intended purpose. I wonder if this was a one-time effort to intentionally use these devices that fizzled out?

There is a lit button in this shot.


I have these photos of what I think is the same PADD. Not sure where they came from (an auction?):


This might be one of Mike’s photos:


any clue on the size of this?


It should be the same sizes the org. TNG small add. That one in the photo with it open was made by the staff shop at Paramount. It wad made from sheet metal. It was over 5/8" thick.