Crusher's Medical Analyzer - (Clear Cylinder oil droplet toys)


Another nice appearance in Quality of Life-


Another appearance in “Up the Long Ladder” !


I’ve still got to tweak my templates to fit the current-day water timers. Thanks for the reminder :wink:


Another appearance in 1x18 Home Soil.


Here’s one, looks older, red drops, 5" x 2".


Oooh, that looks like a better match :slight_smile:

Wish I could get it, but the seller doesn’t ship to Canada and I’m unable to message him.


I think it looks like a good match too. I think the originals have black endcaps and the other colors are tape and/or paint.

That’s annoying when sellers aren’t communicative. I’ve had ones that have been like pulling teeth trying to discuss something about their item. Hopefully you can get it, or someone else here who is likely to keep a search up for a matching set and will make the acrylic holder to go with it.


I intend on getting the acrylic holder made at the shop, using my templates (in Post #15) for reference.

Wanted to see if this one fit any better in it than the newer ones I’ve bought before.


When you say you are unable to message him, do you mean the site prevents you because of your location? Or that he won’t respond to you?

I can message him if you want.


Did someone here buy this?