Desktop Intercom Paint


Anyone have a suggestion of good color of paint to use on a TOS desktop intercom?

This a photo from Karl’s (with a K) flickr site (it think it was flickr) Anyway, to me it looks kinda of a slate blue sort of color

Yet here it looks like robin egg blue or something like that!

and here is another photo from Karl’s page and the color looks different from the other photos.

I get that this problem is the same problem as the Kirk tunic color and the color of the Orange/Red details on the bridge… but has anyone actually seen an original and found a good match?

Thanks for any help!


Looks like primer in the blue spectrum somewhat like Bradley Nelson’s paint.


Isn’t it generally accepted that intercom units (both wall & desk) are the same color as the Burke bridge chairs?


Have you tried Krylon Peekaboo Blue? That’s what I plan on using for my intercoms and chairs.


PAINT COLOR: Panel paint color options (a) Rodd; Rustoleum Satin Slate Blue 249066 or, (b) alternate is My Favorite Krylon; Gloss Peekaboo Blue 51517 with 1311 Kylon Matt fixer over to knock down the gloss.

FABRIC PAINTING OPTIONS: As seen on screen. The screen used fabric had gold threading accents and was oversprayed (overpainted) with Krylon Platinum Primer #1314 to make it look flat grey. Said recommended primer is the same primer listed in the Rodd kits manufactured years ago.


Rustoleum satin slate blue! I will see if I can find that one to see what it looks like… I do have peekaboo blue already…

thanks for the input


FWIW, I don’t believe the Stain Slate Blue is a match for the intercoms. I used it for the ACR control panels for STC and it seems a little too dark and gray than the actual intercom. I would go with the peekaboo or Krylon sky blue


I’m doing this up. The first photo shows a slate grey look, the second more thwards a baby blue. Which Krylon paint is which?


I was told that Rust-Oleum Satin Wildflower Blue was a good match too but I haven’t tried it.