Destination Germany and UK


Hi Guys, So I have been asked to be a guest at the up coming Star Trek Conventions:
in Germany in April

And in the UK in October

I am not listed in the guest list , But will be there to do talks on my involvement in the Star Trek Props and costumes.
I will have some of my personal screen used props with me on display as well as a large selection of other collector props and costumes.

I am hoping to meet some of you at these conventions. So please do come by and say hi.


Then this will be a pleasure do welcome you here in Germany!
If you would like to see more in Germany or need help, write me please


I was there many years ago. I was a guest at the “Galileo” Convention in Düsseldorf. It was at the end of "Enterprise"
Had a lot of fun at that convention.


That would be great Mike, hope to see you again.



It will be great to see you again as well.


Will be great to see you in Birmingham!


I’ll be at the October show.


are u in uk?


Do we know if any of the filming miniatures will be at either event in the “museum” exhibit?

I have been on a 2+ year quest to get some high-resolution images of the workbee filming miniature from ST:TMP (specifically the aft greblie details and underside).

I know the exhibition company own the miniature (they won it at the 2006 Christie’s auction) but the company and owner do no permit tours of the collection nor are willing to display or sell images of the miniature (they think it will degrade the value of the model if others have precise information which might lead to building replicas).

Their company’s enterprise (pun noted) is renting out parts of their collection for events, so was speculating if they might be renting out any of the Star Trek pieces. They also own the USS Reliant miniature from TWOK. It was subsequently remarked as the USS Saratoga NCC-1887 for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, USS Lantree NCC-1837 (Star Trek : The Next Generation “Unnatural Selection”), the USS Brattain (on the model misspelled as Brittain) (TNG “Night Terrors”), the USS Bozeman (Star Trek: Generations, Star Trek: First Contact), and the USS Saratoga NCC-31911 (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Emissary”). They also have various other costume pieces from Trek series and films.

I sent an email the other day to the event’s official website’s email address, but so far have not received a reply.

If the workbee miniature ends up being on display I would be hoping I could cajole or bribe someone in this group going to the event to take high-res photos if they get the chance.


I do not know if they are going to have models or not But if they do I will see what I can do about taking photos.

RustyH is US based


Yes I’m US Based but I’ll be in the UK for 2 weeks trying to get a couple of actors signed on to the show as well.


Hi guys,
OK so I have been holding off saying any thing about this but it is now public.

My shop is making these for the show. At the moment I do not know what the price is to purchase the Odo Bucket. I do know that it can be shipped to you if you are not attending the conventions. They are going to go on presale soon. I have nothing to do with the sales of these items so I can not hold any for some one sorry.


It looks like they’re live on the DST Ticketing Website

Pre-order for Odo’s Bucket — £245 (roughly $350)
Odo’s Bucket signed by René Auberjonois and Mike Moore.
For collection at the event only.
Must have a valid entry ticket for the event to access merchandise booths.


I wonder where they are signing it. Hopefully on the bottom!


It is a separate plaque.


will be at the DST Germany on Saturday. Where can one find you?


I will more than likely be with the Prop Museum , Were ever that is inside the convention.


If they happen to have the Workbee model from TMP I beg you to take some high-resolution photos of it. Particularly the back (and if at all possible, the bottom).

If you do, you will have helped me get the white whale I have been questing for, for over 7 years.


The yellow spacetug is it?
If I see it, I will try to bring some pictures back for you.


It’s this miniature.