Dixon Hill business card glass


I’m not optimistic, since it’s such a small obscure item, but I’m wondering if anyone happens to know the brand of drinking glass used to hold the business cards of Dixon Hill shown in The Big Goodbye. Thanks!!!


Libby? Corning? Try commercial bar/restaurant supply houses. It looks like a ‘utility’ glass that you’d find at a bar-- cheap, strong (hard to break).
–Paul E Musselman


Uh, that’s Libbey… and add Anchor Hocking to the list…

This isn’t it, but it’s heading in the right direction:

Same family:


More-- this doesn’t have the flutes, but is closer in shape:

This one’s fluted… but too short:

No more! I’ve spent too much time looking at the 50,000 shapes glasses can be pressed into! (:


My grandmother use to use them. Have also seen them in old 40 and 50’s movies


This one looks very close if you could remove the silk screening. ( Barrel Shape )


that is pretty dang close. i assume i could just take a razor blade and gently scratch off the screening. THANKS!


Thanks Sharon - just bought one on ebay for $7 shipped!


Glad to help, hope it works out for you, please share photos of your results with it.


Depending on the quality of the silk screening, a trip through a hot dishwasher may remove the ink. An acquaintance of mine had a silk-screened coffee mug that was supposedly dishwasher safe. Well, the mug was dishwasher safe. The logo &c was not; it disappeared!
–Paul E Musselman


Thanks Paul! I’m not expecting the screening to be a very high quality. If the razor blade doesn’t work, I’ll try the dishwasher, and then try setting the whole thing in a jar of ascetone. If all else fails a brass buffing wheel should do it!!!


Well - so far I’ve not been able to get the print off this glass. My latest attempt is to soak it in stripper… been in 30 mins and nothing. I’ll let it sit overnight. I wonder if i sand blast it, if I’m able to polish it?


I don’t know how to deal with that. But I’m curious if having the glass in hand, does it exactly match the shape and detailing from the episode? Have you put a standard business card inside to check size?


Yes, it’s nearly identical to the glass in the episode.


WELL - after letting the glass it in a stripping chemical… the graphics still won’t come off, not even with a razor blade. I’m at a total loss now.


Bummer, maybe heat gun or torch?


i would assume a sandblaster would for sure do it - but then i’d be need to try and polish the glass. Crate & Barrel sells one similar, it just doesn’t have the pattern on the bottom. SO if all else fails, I’ll have to settle for ‘close’ :confused:


Did you use hardware store stripper or industrial grade stripper?


And which types? Acetone, lacquer thinner, isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits.

Makes me think of the Game Boy case used in TNG- that red printing just wouldn’t come off for anything, though I don’t remember trying all of the above. Unfortunately you can’t cheat with the glass by covering it up with tape like I did on the case. But you should be able to use most solvents without worrying about them melting the underlying material at least! :grimacing:


Oh dear…just when I was going to buy one. I’m in the optics/semiconductor industry and I have a few chemicals we use to clean glass, but I have no clue if my stuff would touch the silk screening. Does anyone know if the silk screening process etches into the glass hence why it’s resisting attempts to remove? The reason I ask is most of my stuff will etch the glass if left in the sonic for more than a few moments. Great for cleaning schmutz before final QC and shipping, but that’s about it.