Does anyone have accurate dimensions for "The Cage"{ duty station personal viewscreens?


Hello, Folks. I am wanting to build an accurate model of the Personal View screen used on each of the duty stations on Captain Pike’s Bridge in “The Cage”.

Might I please impose on the members to help me out by giving me the accurate dimensions of said personal viewscreens?

I do not need the length of the gooseneck wire tube, just the viewer itself. Say what one might, Capt. Robert April’ TOS Phaser Rifle design is AWESOME in my opinion!

Thank You all in advance for Your help.

Sincerely, Larry


Found this link also. Free shipping and no tax ( at least in Ohio )


Where do you get the flexible tube?


Hmm, OP asked for dimensions of the viewer and no one has provided them. Come on someone take some measurements to share in the research of this item.

Here’s a gooseneck including a mounting flange.
Microphone Table Mount Base with 13" Gooseneck Chrome


I’m pretty sure it’s is the mic stand accessories at either of the above posted links. Maybe under gooseneck stands.


As @DigiGal suggested, this thread got a bit off topic, veering towards a bit of a commercial for unlicensed replicas, so we’ve trimmed it a bit.


Glad we’re back to discussing research and options for replicating them. It would really help for someone to share dimensions.

I do imagine the screen used originals may have been made from a vintage lamp something like pictured here, they were commonly available in different sizes and configurations. Don’t know dimensions but squishing one of these lamps down a bit, adding a viewer faceplate with knobs and either using the original gooseneck or replacing it with a mic gooseneck/mounting flange gets a close approximation.



Adam Savage discusses the one he included with his TOS Captains Chair in this one day build video.


I think this is quite possible. If you look closely I do believe you will see the original goose neck was not silver but more a lite brass color.

See this pic from Trekcore


Great point @LostinTrek, here’s a few more for reference. . .

GooseneckHelmTransporter CageViewerChair GooseneckViewerHelm


Here are some quick snapshots of a Ralph Miller Gooseneck Viewer that I just installed on my desk. (It hovers over a working “Batphone” that gives me direct access to a colleague’s desk in another office…)

Ralph’s terrific replica includes a battery-operated lit “screen” that at least is a sweet nightlight.

His replica, which includes a gooseneck and a mounting bracket, is just a tiny bit wider than five inches and is about 2.5" tall.


Hi Folks! Let me clear up a misconception: I wasn’t looking to buy a gooseneck viewer, I needed the basic dimensions minus the gooseneck. I needed the dimensions in order to build a TOS Phaser Carbine that a friend of mine designed and got the imprimatur for it from a number of the original production crew including the late John Jefferies as something that the crew was eventually going to build using one of the old viewers for a scope.

I now, thanks to Jim, have photos of the viewer with a ruler in the pictures. Those measurements match what are being shown for Ralphs. I plan to carve the shape out of wood and vacu-form the shell, build a light up screen and n/off switch and alternately blinking LEDs along with a magnet which will hold the scope onto the Phaser 2. As soon asI get the rifle built, I send some photos of it.
My next “Seek and Find” Project for the Rifle?; a removable Bi-pod !!! LOL!!! Cheers!


Perhaps not related to the original question per se, but the elongated mounting flange evident in a couple of the photos Digigal posted (esp the one mounted on the side of the captain’s chair) reminded me of the flexible stand used on the 3 footer as displayed on Riddenberry’s desk; pretty sure Richard Datin later recalled in interviews that he used a mic stand for this setup.

ON EDIT: sorry, meant this post to be a response to Digigal.


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