Done it again more Burke Chairs on the way!


Well I just picked these up on Epay I couldn’t stop myself for $400 dollars. It includes the round table too. Road trip!


Awesome Find Steve.


Nice find. How far will you have to drive to get them?


Go get 'em buddy!!!


Congrats my friend.


I foresee some blue ones in your future. I really need to find one in VT. Always keeping an eye out.


That’s a great find! Congrats!


That’s a great deal!


I forsee a “Mall hall” prop build coming!


Excellent score! Don’t mind me, I’ll just spend the rest of my day seething with jealousy.

Did you have far to travel?


Got them home this weekend and they are in great shape. The table edge needs to be repainted, no boggy. Post pictures soon.


Good going Steve.


Awesome Steve.


Make sure to check the swivels for stress fractures or cracks in the cast aluminium.
I am also finding with most of the chair, the fiberglass is breaking down. hundreds of stress fractures from 60 years of use and exposure to the elements and abuse by people rocking back-and-forth in them.