Dr. Nichols' "I Quit Smoking" button


Well, it simply had to be done. And since I am batching up a bunch of work for the laser cutter soon, now seemed like the time. :slight_smile:

I am cutting the vinyl out of Pazzles Fawn colored vinyl. Diameter 3.5" button (a guess, but it feels right) made out of laser-cut thin wood, spray painted gloss red.

Dr Nichols I-Quit-Smoking Button.ai (1.6 MB)

Any suggestions or critiques would be most welcome.


Count me in.


Haha. If you want one, Scott, I’ll be delighted.

While it is indeed a ridiculously huge honking goofball button, after doing some mock-ups today, I decided that 3" diam made more sense than 3.5" based on the screencaps. So here is an updated Illustrator file.

Dr Nichols I-Quit-Smoking Button.ai (1.6 MB)


I think this qualifies as the Oddest Trek Prop ever!


Excellent. I should win a prize or something.

Oh wait. I guess I get an “I Quit Smoking” button. :blush:


How quaint. :smiley:

Ahh the days of buttons. My dad has one pinned in the kitchen that says “It’s a boy!” from when I was born. No idea why, but it’s a sweet gesture.

If you make a couple, can I bribe you for one?


No bribery required. :smile:

I have transfer tape coming in the mail for the vinyl and will be doing a bunch of laser cutting when I get back from Vegas, including this.


OK, firstly, here is a new, slightly updated version of the file with accuracy of the letter outlines improved.

Dr Nichols I-Quit-Smoking Button.ai (1.5 MB)

The laser cut wood profiles arrived (the laser cutting profile is in the first PDF above)

I haphazardly painted these with a crappy sponge brush with Liquitex Basics cadmium red deep hue with a bit of Golden polymer gloss medium mixed in. This gives it a very credible hand-made junky feeling similar to how it appears on screen.

For the lettering, I loaded into the vinyl cutter a version of that file where the layers are moved around a bit so I can cut both in one go

Dr Nichols I-Quit-Smoking Button - vinyl cut.ai (1.0 MB)

In Adobe Illustrator, with the Silhouette Connect app installed, I go to File > Silhouette Connect > Sent to Silhouette Connect

I tweaked the settings a bit: I set the material to vinyl (which recommends a cut depth of 1 on the ratchet cutter thing, but I set that to 0 because 1 cuts all the way through on the Pazzles vinyl I’m using, linked above); I adjust the width and height so they encompass all the artwork (I have no idea why it doesn’t do this automatically on this file), and then I manually jog the cut head to an open spot on the vinyl where I haven’t cut out a pattern yet.

Apply transfer paper tape

Smooth over with a burnishing tool of some sort. A bookbinder’s bone folder would have been better, but this spatula that came with the Silhouette was all I had on hand.

Lift up the transfer paper, picking off the unwanted bits (like the ovals in the middle of the Q and O)

Burnish into place

Peel tape back onto itself at a sharp angle

Spatula into place the top layer bits of the I.

Et bien voilà.

45mm brooch back pin bars are on their way from China and then I’ll be ready to call this project done. :slight_smile:



Kewl! Well done, sir! :smile:


I had no memory of the character wearing this pin until I saw Elvis’ pin this weekend! At first, I just thought he was proud that he’d quit smoking! Elvis and Gabe explained the Trek reference to me…and I felt stupid because I’ve seen that movie a zillion times!

Great work, Ryan.


Don’t worry about it. I am glad to have been able to help you remember where in trek history this neat obsure prop came from.


Well, I am proud I quit smoking (6+ years now), but no that’s not why I had that there, lol.

Like Gabe said, don’t worry about it. It is a rather obscure prop, and unless you’re looking for it one wouldn’t necessarily notice.

Guess that makes it the perfect “background” prop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To be honest, when I first saw the pins, I started to chuckle because it is a prop that is seen during a funny scene and I thought it was just a great down to earth prop to remake.


An extra little bit of reference. I don’t think it’s from a frame of the film but rather a publicity/production still.