Dr Soong Hero Lesson Padd


This is a padd that I’ve wanted to make for long time.

Using fusion 360, I created a model based on measurements of a made for production casting. My printed, filled an primed master is shown on the left.


The padd was finished originally as a romulan padd as shown on the right in the photo above. Then, re purposed as Dr. Soongs padd used on Enterprise.

I finally had a little bit of time to mold it

Here is photo of the first cast. There were a a couple of issues with mold… a little silicone got stuck in the recess along the side… but not worth remolding it. It can simply be removed using a dremel… and a little blip in the corner… again easy to file off.

the surface and the details came out crisp and clear… overall I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I’ve made graphics for both versions and will build them up when time permits.

I will post pics of the builds here :slight_smile:


Very nice.


Very cool.
What are the details of the print? Material, finish, vendor, etc.


No real details… I have an Anet a8 printer. I printed it in red PLA, then used glazing putty to smooth it. Then primer, sand, fill, primer, sand, fill, etc… then off to the silicone for molding.


I’m old school, but still intrigued by 3D. I’ve tried a few models with Tinkercad. There’s a button to order from a vendor. The pieces are pretty expensive, even in the basic material.
The Anet looks affordable.


ya the anet is really inexpensive… just have to assemble it… millions of pieces lol. but there is lots of support for it on youtube. ive just recently started making stuff this way… its fun…


So here is the final product. Front and back of my scratch built Soong Padd

Here is my redressed Romulan padd version


Wow, I’m really impressed with the crispness of the edges. Very clean and extremely cool, great job!


Thanks… really happy with how it came out!


They look great! Love the TNG PADD. Glad they kept the detail for the redress. You do great work.