DSC Communicator


After analyzing the discovery trailer I came up with my own 3d printed design for the DISC communicator. You can clearly see parts of it ( About 1/2 of it) with the high resolution screenshots.


It clearly features some “the cage " communicator style aesthetics along with the familiar moiré bezel in the upper center. It is boxy, and also has a a triangular lip on the flip open lid. Also featured on the lid top triangle is a rectangular strip opening, and on the back lower corner is a familiar " Sardine Can Communicator” Reminiscent in my opinion of those seen in WOK. Also I have yet to determine the top body piece. It looks like it was made translucent, because if you watch the trailer closely you can see a glare to it, and also I have a strong feeling that there are in fact our familiar T Jet hubs as seen in TOS Communicators.

My Prototype


I looked, and took screen shots and then went a designed my own. and here she is, it is not even near done nor is it pretty but I did manage to figure out the basic comm body, but so far the lid has been giving me trouble, but I am pretty sure I figured it out and it is being made now. I am going to make the case and the belt seems to be just like our classic Cage style amry web belts if you look closely


Here’s a little more detail on the body.


Thanks, that was the image I have been referring to :grinning:


I’m already loving the looks of this comm, whether the show is good or not.


That’s the spirit !


I hope they give the licensing for props to someone other than DST. I like their stuff, but it takes so damned long for them to actually come out with something new. The STIII phaser was nice, but not their best. MacFarlane toys got the contract to do figures, but I don’t think they do props.


From what I read, the license specifies that MacFarlane will be creating figures, role play weapons and accessories for the new Star Trek: Discovery television series.


DST is still supposed to be releasing the TNG Cobra Head Phaser and The Reliant this year; release date is still TBD; but hopefully before Christmas.


That’s good to hear. It just feels like Star Trek is such an afterthought for DST and they only produce a couple of items a year.


Before Christmas…ha ha ha!


Yeah, they don’t have the best record for keeping to their posted schedule. They’re too busy building their minimates.


It’s a modified Motorola RazR flip phone. :yum::+1:


Holy crap! It does look like a Razr!


That was my first thought, lol. Had one for a time, really like the aesthetics of it.


I loved my Razr! It was one of the best pre-smartphone phones I’ve ever had.


Coolest phone I ever owned. Only one I didn’t get rid off either as you can see

It used to have the comm warble for calls and chirp on opening. I used to carry it in my back pocket and loved getting calls. It’s design was ahead of its time and to this day if I didn’t used my smart phone so much for work etc, I’d own a Razr.


what is the correct company name of dst? i want to google it, but cant find…


Diamond Select Toys


The Razr was a great phone. I was devastated when I accidentally left it in my pants pocket and washed it :stuck_out_tongue:


As an update to this build , although my initial prototype was close to the 3/4 of the comm shown in the trailer I am going to wait, my intentions were to finish it before STLV to show at the prop meet in Vegas, but nevertheless I will continue the build as soon as more info and photos are released on the communicator itself.