DSC Communicator


It’s a thing of beauty: https://www.facebook.com/StarTrekCBS/videos/1547922658592884/


I like!


Screenshots for those who don’t have facebook:


WoK grill! Nice!

Wonder if that is an iPhone 5 or iPod touch in there? Body seems about the right shape.


Wow ! Looks like something that could eventually be made as a cell phone !!


Anyone know who’s making the props for the show?


Lower resolution, but wider angle revealing more details from the twitter version of the promo:


I personally think the choice of that pixelated, very non-Retina display, isn’t the most futuristic thing I’ve ever seen, but I :heart: :heart: :heart: the nod to TWOK in the grill pattern!

The body looks to me like it was printed with SLS. Interesting that 3D printing is getting good enough to be used on set with pretty minimal finishing nowadays.


I wonder if the screen will have a Moire pattern screen saver. :slight_smile:

On a serious note, I do appreciate that the comm incorporates some of the Cage comm design cues, such as the three control looking greeblies beneath the antennae and speaker(?) grill. Overall, it looks not like a pre-TOS comm, but more of a post-TOS/pre-TWOK comm.


I like it, but I wonder why they’d risk the continuity issues by having a clock on the screen.


Minutes and seconds makes me think it might be a “call duration” counter.


I swear I read somewhere that there’s a cell phone in that 3D printed communicator that provides the graphics.

I’m not sure if that’s fact or was a comment on one of the many SDCC posts I’ve read over the last 4 days!



Ah, that’s where I read it! Thanks! I guess my old memory was off a bit.


One of the prop makers (I think it was in a Facebook group) mentioned that the comm had an iPod nano inside.


That’s cool! That will make creating a “hero” a lot simpler…but slightly more expensive.


Here’s a shot of the back of the comm:


I see the faintest outline of a Starfleet command branch badge… Either it’s lightly engraved like the apple on the back of an iPhone, or its raised and the shadow is muddling the definition…


The display stand used with the communicator at SDCC is the “Mini-C” size from Gibson Holders. Their size is listed as “2” W x 2.25" H with 2" ledge and .5" lip" which places the prop’s width at a bit over 2" (2.125"?). This also lines up with the 7th generation iPod Nano’s 1.56" width.

An entry on Amazon gives the length: “2 1/4” in height, 3 1/4" in length and 2" in width"

Given a 3.25" stand length, scaling from Nick’s photo above the overall comm length looks in the neighborhood of 4.25" to 4.5"


To go back to my build , here is my mark 2.0 using reference photos , and also Ewilliams ironically enough your measurements are nearly exact to mine !!