DSC Communicator



As a person who Is color blind do any of you know of a close color match to the comm here ?, I was told it was a dark grey semi metallic, obviously the exact color is unknown but any help would be appreciated !


Update : After a collaboration between me and Jason Jhusel, the comm is not complete ! Now next step for me is to build the holster and get back to working on the tricorder :grinning:


OMG! I need one!

It looks amazing!


Me too !!!


That looks awesome, good job. How close do you think you are to the actual dimensions of the screen used one?


It all depends on if the original rumor is true , if an iPod nano type device was used we should be pretty close , with ewilliams help as well , we used the stands dimensions to help as well ! CBS keeps changing their story around with what was used , could of been multiple devices, I have a strong feeling they won’t reveal anything due to mcfarlanes upcoming toy release , that way they make the most profit rather than having other unlicensed replicas out there on the market


wow I’m loving the look of that!


Looking good trekcolencc1701


If I may inquire, is the diameter of the “lids hinge wheel” (the complete part, not only the disc in the middle) about 15mm and basically the same as the heigt of the main body without the upper step in the body?

Thanks for the help!


Hey everyone… I’ve been working on Mark 2.0 of this little guy … so stay tuned


A little taste of the future… still planning out …

as close to the original design as 3d printing allows it