Enterprise EVA suit build ( monster copper )


Started actually sewing/building today , after about give or take a year and a half of research and development it’s time to take on the best part … this is my prototype glove , the actual one will be just about elbow high as well as feature the grey metallic fabric on the palm and arm panels . Fabric is perfect to my knowledge. Used Legos and cords for the finger sensor greeblies


Where did you get that fabric?


This is so far outside of my zone I don’t even know what to say.


Now this is ambitious. I cant wait to see your progress.


Those strip details were Vacuum formed with the vinyl . In other words the vinyl was vacuum formed over the shapes not stretched over. We did all of the proof of concept for the suit details.


Cool project. I’m curious where your reference comes from as it looks like you have a lot of close-up images available.

I’m curious about the fabric as well. What can you tell us about it?

Also, did you come across that guy who supposedly knows the man who made/owns the masters to the chest/back pack? I remember there was a discussion, maybe at the RPF, where the idea of them being modified into some kind of “new” design and a bunch of people were horrified that he might destroy some Trek history. Some people wanted to encourage him to sell castings, but he wasn’t interested for whatever reason. This was years ago, though. Do you know what happened with this?

Look forward to seeing your progress.



My research has come through images for the most part, There was a insanely detailed analysis on a website called " The Film-welt Collection" that mysteriously disappeared recently. As for the fabric it is some sort of Vinyl spandex , it has stretch which is a pain to sew and work with as you can imagine. I learned some hints and tips from Max C who I spoke to in person in Vegas about this.

As for the RPF post, I never saw it but did hear about it a long time ago from a member here on one of my early posts announcing I would be doing this project.

I did however learn that some images of the making of this suit were posted in a magazine some years ago. I however never saved this source so I cannot find it.

Online images through the sales of several of the suits helped too, such as prop stores archive of TPols suit…

As for the suits themselves, I have realized that although obvious the suits may needed to have been made specifically for certain actors, that they all have different positioning of the cords as HMS noted were vaccuformed, I do not have one yet but Max C did say they did do so.


Did this all in the same day , built a mini vaccuforming table and did a test form with a piece of heated vinyl turned out great for a test , and after perfecting the craft I’m ready to get the Eva foam for it !



Mike, what part in this does the EVA foam play , was the fabric glued to it and formed over the piece together ? , or was the fabric formed and then glued over the foam ? Any guidance on this would be appreciated


first for each part you are going to vacuum form you need to build a small risotto form over the details. the foam was added after the vacuum forming. Your holes are to big on your vacuum bed. Make them tiny as you can see them on your part.


AWESOME! Have a friend who works with the real thing! We’ve been trying to research the Enterprise suits for awhile… They’re actually almost as - if not more! - complicated than the real thing! Look forward to seeing more! :+1: :sunglasses:


Hey guys , this project has been on hold for some time … I’m curious if anyone has any photos that they would be willing to share … the main reason this has been put off it due to lack of knowledge and visual look of the suit.


Great and great to research it. I like that show and the actors.


Thank you ! I got to talk to Scott bakula while he was on Stage . I have a lot of respect for him


what would you like to know i have Mayweathers suit .


Photos ! Thanks for letting me know you own one of these fantastic suits ( I’ve seen the culmination of photos on the trek site ) if you could pm me we could discuss further


Sorry! Been TDY for awhile… Seen this, and have been trying to get back in touch with my buddy, but he’s been on location in India for awhile? Sorry about that.


No worries man … welcome back !