Enterprise Flashlight


Yes, that is really cool Mike, thank-you for posting. Was there only a total of seven made?


Thank you Mike; so great that you post stuff like this for the fans.

But, now I’m a little confused. Can you clarify how the props on Enterprise were commissioned? I had read somewhere that ISS had done most, or all of the early standard props for the series, which I would have thought the flashlights were a part of. What’s the story on that?


OK , Well we were contacted by the Propmaster early on and were asked to make the Communicator, The Translator, the pop up scanner, what became the Andorian pistol, Flashlights and about 10 other weapons that were used through out the series. Later the Propmaster decided that he wanted to change a few thing on the communicator like a metal ant. ISS did that work and then also made molds of our com. and pop up scanner. There were other props here and there that we did but at the moment I do not recall what they are. We also worked with the wardrobe department to produce many costume parts for the show.


That’s really interesting. Thanks for elaborating.

So, you made the masters, and they cast the duplicates?


Did you guys make the rank pips?


No we made all of the first Communicator, The Translator, the pop up scanner, what became the Andorian pistol, Flashlights used on the show. Later ISS remolded our props to alter for the Propmaster to use on the show. No we did not make the first pip’s. The first ones were made by I beilve “Studio Art Meta” through the wardrobe department.





Thank you! Who’s the guy in the first photo?


Steve Horch -Rip.


This project is moving right along. I met with the prototyper yesterday and he took caliper measurements from my M4 Devastator.

Still trying to decide on how to do the LEDs though. Want to make sure the white can be as “cool” as possible.


Does anyone know the exact button on the pod? My version of this is almost complete but it needs the switch.



This is what I have come up with so far.



You’ll want something more like this that has a square stem (usually designed to accept a snap-on cap):

Something more like the TL-1100 or TL-1100A in this family:

Going by the photos (and assuming a 10 mm LED), you’re looking for a switch housing measuring a little over 12 mm square.

I’m not sure if the switches in the datasheet above are exactly right but they measure 12.5 mm square, which lines up. Maybe the larger of the two stems (TL-1100A)? Again, just a rough guess.


If you want to look a little more you can narrow down your search on Mouser to about 7 pages by selecting “through hole, without cap, square, stem” options in the Actuator filter box and “through hole” for Mounting Style: