Enterprise Phase Pistol and PADD recent builds


Hey guys,

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any builds but I wanted to share this shot of my phase pistol and PADD. I plan on darkening up the cowling on the phase pistol and making some other adjustments but I couldn’t resist temporarily assembling it. The phase pistol was given coats of pearl and matte clear to match the screen used look. When I finish it I’ll share some proper pics.


Hey Alex, nice to see you back to Props.


Looking good there, buddy! Nice to see you back working on some props :slight_smile:


Great job. Is that a Rod phase pistol?


Thanks everyone! It came from Xscapesprops




Great work on the pistol.

What pearl paint did you use?


Thanks! I used a can of Modge Podge Pearl off Amazon. Probably not the best. Takes awhile to cure. The effect is super subtle but that’s apparently what they were painted with.


Interesting. I hadn’t heard of using Modge Podge Pearl for this prop.


Me either. Did you get that paint info from somewhere?


It came from someone at ISS, the prop house that made these for the show. Supposedly, of course. That was years ago. It does look just like those high quality shots of the real props that have been floating around for what it’s worth.


Well, thanks for passing it on!