Fabricating Step by Step a GEO Tricorder Cam and Technical Designs for the Lower Compartment


Beautiful metal work Steve, as usual. Where are you going to put the motor for this if you are going to trick out the lower compartment? Great sketches btw.


You mean like a 9 volt battery? Yeah…I can see what you’re saying. But like Steve said, who knows for certain, right?

Steve, I love the ideas you’re having for that bottom compartment. That’s another instance were the term “who knows for sure” can be applied. We never see it, so who’s to say what’s in there.


So I will put the motor behind the light panel. The motor is the very same type geared motor I used on the jewelarama tric. The output shaft exits out the side of the light box a goes into the top cap aluminum rod. Inside the rod the driveshaft will do a 90 degree turn through the use of miter gears and drive the vertical radar unit shaft. I hope the diagram below makes sense.




Brilliant!! Instead of the motor shaft face the direction of the morie, you’re going to turn it so it extends into the cam compartment instead.


Got it and what Steve said Steve.


So for many years I wanted to do a GEO tricorder but it was so uninteresting of a design ( my thoughts of it being a fuse) I just kept setting it aside. Now with the resent conclusion of the “cam like” object all kinds of fun possibilities exist! This is going to be a real fun build.

Steve P


You’re mad!


Your just figuring that out now!


Here are shots of the motor and gears I will be using to drive the ground penetrating radar cam. The output motor shaft should be long enough to make it over to radar unit needing no extensions.


This project is getting ridiculously exciting, Steve. I never thought I would end up being so interested in non-TNG/VOY props, but your enthusiasm is infectious.

This is excellent! It reminds me of how NASA’s Curiosity rover works.

Exactly how I had envisioned it! I love it. :smile:


Yes, It’s proving to be a fun thread and build.


These motors are special orders. When you order them on ebay you can pick the working voltage and the RPM’s. I opted for the 3volt, 15 RPM version. This will make the cam complete a sweep every 4 seconds. These motors take about two weeks to be delivered, they are coming from China. Over the last 2 years I have purchased 4 of these motors, they are very nice quality!


Man do I love ePacket delivery! It is the hobbyist’s dream. Just got a few carbide end mills this way at 1/4 the cost of McMaster. :smile:


Here is an example of a lower compartment embellishment I did last winter for the Jewelarama medical tricorder build.



And installed:




my latest thoughts on the bottom compartment. The sliders will be red and the watch crowns three different colors




This keeps getting cooler and cooler. Can’t wait to see what you come up with on the read out monitor.


Starting to part it out.




I can’t wait to see what you use for the sliders.


Here’s the start of the motorized ground penetrating radar unit. Time is in short supply right now in my life… To many projects and not enough time!





Looks really nice! Though I’ve been doing a lot of machining lately, I’ve never actually made a real machine before with moving parts. I’m looking forward to watching this come together.