Fabricating Step by Step a GEO Tricorder Cam and Technical Designs for the Lower Compartment


I’ve cleaned up some of my back log prop projects and will soon be concentrating on this project
I want to see this one finished. With the new information about the prop, this prop replica will once
and for all close the book on the GEO Tricorder.



Hey Steve, you’re not going to duplicate that big blob of plastic on the inside of the mid compartment door are you? Cause if you are, we’re through. lol. I know, I know, you’re a screen accurate prop guy where I’m an idealized prop guy…but we’re still through if you do.



So here’s the right angle drive shaft motor assembly.






LOL, to be honest it always looked like chewed gum to me.



That looks really neat, can’t wait to see the video of it working.


Same here. What’s taking so long? :smiley:


Life, Life is making it take too long! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so many things to do and not enough time to do it.



Wow this is very interesting. Can’t wait to see more!





Steve you are a true artist. That is amazing, I can’t wait to see that in place.


That is so cool. :+1: (smileys…) :white_check_mark: :rocket: :cherries: :cherries: :cherries: :moneybag:


The next step is to build up the aluminum frame, then I can see how to incorporate this into it.



WoW I don’t know how I missed this one it is amazing Steve great job…


I received the shells tonight for the GEO Tricorder build from JoeB.




Here is my version of the Geo tricorder scanning cam thingie, as shown in a masterfully built tricorder by @LostinTrek.

Here are the 3D CAD files if anybody wants to fabricate it for himself.
cam.step (39.6 KB)

It is made in three parts, held together with M3x0.5 machine screws that are 8mm long. (You tap to a depth of 6mm on the two ends of the central cam part.)


Thank You Ryan.


That’s a funny looking fuse.


Very nice.


Knew it was a cam lobe. That just looks right!