Ferengi Auction PADD


Next up on my project list…
This is the one from DS9 “In the Cards” where Jake & Nog got the baseball card for Sisko.
I have it layed out, and I’m ready to start cutting. Just need some opinions.
They look like they were made out of black acrylic. I’ll be using other common materials.

My questions to you are:
Do you believe this is two 1/8” layers?
I can’t tell 100% from the caps if that’s just a seam, or a thin mid-plate.
Also, the bevel makes the layer look thicker in some frames.

Do you believe the display window is cut out of the top layer?
Or is the graphic just pasted on?

thanks in advance



Yep, looks like layered 1/8" black acrylic to me.

Don’t know if the edges are beveled so much as just rounded out.

Window is cut out in the front layer so the screen graphic is recessed.


It appears to be two to three layers of tinted grey/smoked (not opaque black) acrylic - the first image below shows how light passes through the PADD. That detailing on the back is recessed and seems to have additional engraved detail (or an inset styrene panel with detail cut into it). I suppose it could be two layers of acrylic with that rear detail done via two depths of engraving… Any recollection on this @hms Mike?

When I made mine I used three layers of plastic out of convenience - rearmost layer simply had the detail frame cut out, and then the rectangular details were engraved into the backside of the middle layer. But that was my interpretation given the tool I was using (laser cutter) versus however the original was done.

Here’s an old auction listing with good reference for the above DS9 version:

  1. Alien PADD from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (Paramount-TV, 1993-99) Trapezoidal PADD, measuring 6 in. x 6 in., constructed of smoked Plexiglass with applied gold, green, gray & black detailing with a recessed area for graphic display inserts. This style PADD is seen in several Deep Space Nine episodes including, “In the Cards,” where it was used by Armin Shimerman “Quark”, Cirroc Lofton “Jake Sisko” and Aron Eisenberg “Nog” to view the auction catalog, as well as the Voyager episode, “Critical Care,” where it is a medical PADD.

And one more that was modified for use on another show:



The auction description speculates that it was used on Enterprise because of the rubber dome, but this evidence is not convincing because that same dome is present on the unmodified version above as well as in DS9 screencaptures. I don’t recognize the style of the screen (@FleetRnD can you place it?)…

Other versions:
Note that there are three other known PADDs (seemingly used in Voyager 7x12 “Lineage”) that share much in common with the bar PADDs, excepting that the rear detailing is oriented along a different edge than the two above…
Auction listings describe them as resin instead of acrylic, but that is no guarantee as I think that would be an easy mistake for the notoriously unreliable auction writers to make since they are wholly painted. The hemisphere detail is smaller. They also have raised detailing on the front instead of solely tape, but its location doesn’t seem wholly consistent between the three…


A prop PADD (Personal Access Display Device) featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. The item is a cast resin PADD with a n inset ‘display screen’ with a graphical application depicting a children’s story titled “Flotter and the Perfect Day” which in reality is written out to involve a great deal of mass destruction at Yosemite National Park by way of alien invaders (unless that happens to be part of Flotter’s perfect day). The item is painted metallic bronze and copper and measures approx. 6 X 6 inches.




In the three fully painted PADDs above, the rear detail panel is aligned along the “bottom” edge rather than being in line with the side of the screen as in the DS9 version.


Holy crap! Ask and ye shall receive. That ought to be enough reference to move forward! Great taste, very fun prop from a great episode. Also, I had no idea you had done such exhaustive research on all those variations. I haven’t seen some of those before.


Haha, one more thing… here are some screencaps courtesy of TrekCore


Yes 2 1/8 inch layers. Edge is not really a round or a bevel kind of in between some were sanded more than others. Some were cut flex and some were cast. the rubber foot was used on DS9 .




Awesome, thank you Mike!


Thanks, everyone! I was | | <- this close! Only two things I missed from my crappy screen caps were the round bumper on the front, and the raised detail on the back.
I almost said it was smoke plexi, considering how often it was used on DS9. :+1:

What’s the verdict on the seam / mid line?


Holy cow! I’ve been seeing it as recessed the whole time, but I think you’re right! :dizzy_face:

Its construction makes a lot more sense in my head now, particularly given the confirmed two (not 3) layer construction. Heck of a thing when your mind perceives something a certain way and gets stuck with it.


I think it’s both. Some are cut out; some are raised.


I am thinking the rear panel detail as a whole is planted onto the back, rather than recessed… Within the panel, the smaller details do have a mixture - is that what you mean when you say “both”?


Yes, like this:


Here’s a good image for the card if you’re looking:


It is an etched 1 piece panel.