First TOS Prop - Dickel Bottle


Gotcha. Will likely try prying first and see how it goes. The bottom leather on my bottle is rather nasty.

In fact, it was almost shocking to me to see how good the leather you were offering up is by comparison.


Yeah, it looked like the bottom of that bottle saw some prolonged moisture at some point in it’s career.

Fortunately (for you), the bottle I received broken looked like it was in pretty pristine condition before the breakage. It was a bit sad to see it smashed as it was. Incredibly the second bottle in the same box was pretty perfect. Which is amazing considering the idiotic way they were both packaged.

I’m happy that the bottom leather will help make another bottle whole again.


Got a few dark, only one light and one from the 1980s


For some reason all these bottles rust on the gold metal parts for the strap. They are a nice bottle also collected by shooters (powder horn) -Steve