Fleet Workshop Party at Creation Vegas 2018


The annual Fleet Workshop party coinciding with the Creation convention in Vegas has been scheduled! It’ll be at a large comfy suite at the Rio hotel on the evening of Friday, 3 August, which I have now booked.

If you plan on coming, please do let me know, as I won’t have the room number until the afternoon of the event and will send it out just to the list of attendees.

Running guest list
@norbauer + 2
@nygeekgirl +1
@Lestatdelc + 1
@EWilliams +1

As usual, if folks who are interested in attending would be willing to contribute to help offset the (crazy) costs of renting a suite at the Rio, that would be awesome. Historically, the average contribution has been around $90, but truly anything is fine. Any overage beyond the suite costs will go towards potential refreshments—and/or the growing Fleet Workshop yearly web hosting bill. :blush: Contributions can be sent to shop@norbauer.com via PayPal.

If you don’t feel able to pitch in, please don’t let that keep you from coming. All prop hobbyists and Trekkers of goodwill are welcome!

Too Early To Ask Whos Going To Vegas in '18?

Ryan: can we PayPal you at that "shop@norbauer.com" address? Hope so. Am ready to contribute to make another wonderful event happen.


Oops. Sorry, yes that is a PayPal Address. Thanks @dave!


$90 sent via PayPal to support this delightful evening in Vegas. Almost as much fun as winning at a slot machine. :wink:


Money sent Ryan!


We need badges or t-shirts so we know members of the board. just a thought.


I like that idea, let me see what I can work up, with Ryan’s permission of course.


Heck even a paracord bracelet. Anything to ID one another.


We need a good badge or emblem – perhaps similar to the Mirror Universe emblem from DISCOVERY – maybe something 3D printed and magnetic? That would be fun to help bring to fruition. Long Live the Workshop!

22 AM


The all black mystery badge from Discovery gets my vote!


Or that too ;0)


You just have to put our logo where the earth is…


I won’t be coming but I love this idea!


The most real world version would be the Starfleet IDs on lanyards from Enterprise.


Why not use the TFW logo and have pins made? There is time.

Something like these.


KLINGON?!? I was under the impression The Fleet Workshop was / is a Federation entity.


Not Klingon! That is just an example of a pin that I had made. I mean the TFW logo as a pin.


Our shop has the material to make the 2.5 round buttons, just need a clean vector of the logo.


“What’s your vector Victor?”


@RustyH If you’d like to make printed round buttons, I’m attaching a graphic below that might work well.

TFW button.ai (1.6 MB)