Fleet Workshop Party at Creation Vegas 2018


Now that we’re getting a bit closer to the event, I just thought I would bump this thread. :slight_smile: Anybody else planning on being in Vegas this year?

I just added @dzircher to the list and I heard @EWilliams might be able to make it. :wink:

@Nicksdad and @NickyTea: I assume you guys will both be coming as well?


Yes! Can’t wait.


Awesome. Added you guys both to the list.

@RustyH safe to assume you’ll be there this year?


OK, Trying to get there. Turns out I’ll be flying overhead returning to LAX from Boston. Maybe I can stop by.
What is your guess the start and stop times?


Usually roughly 8pm-midnight. I hope you can make it!


My sister will be in Vegas during part of the con. Could you please add a plus one to me for the party. 8) thx.


Of course! Done. :+1:


For those who have not yet purchased your convention tickets, this link popped up in my Facebook feed (shared by TrekCore) - 50% off general admission:

Seems to be a legit site?


Just Booked will be there…Gary L


I will be at the convention, would love to attend the party.


Anything that I should bring to the party that you would like to see?


Cool, looking forward to seeing you there James.


@MachinistGary and @JamesCawley I have added you to the list.


Anything you would care to bring, Mike, I’m sure folks would be interested in seeing. :slight_smile:

I arrive this Tuesday morning, staying through Sunday. Looking forward to seeing everyone Friday night, if not before.


I’d love to go to this some year.


All attending please share photos of the event here.


But of course.


Newbie here. If you spot the gal in the purple fun fur, purple hood, blonde ponytail and a Kligat on Sunday, or a regal looking Klingon with Chancellor Gorkon’s Chain of Office on Saturday, stop me and say ‘hi’. :slight_smile:


Just checking in to see if there are any of the room/time specifics yet?


Cool! Are you coming to the party? If so, let me know so I can add you to the list. :slight_smile: