Fleet Workshop Party at Creation Vegas 2018


Now that we’re getting a bit closer to the event, I just thought I would bump this thread. :slight_smile: Anybody else planning on being in Vegas this year?

I just added @dzircher to the list and I heard @EWilliams might be able to make it. :wink:

@Nicksdad and @NickyTea: I assume you guys will both be coming as well?


Yes! Can’t wait.


Awesome. Added you guys both to the list.

@RustyH safe to assume you’ll be there this year?


OK, Trying to get there. Turns out I’ll be flying overhead returning to LAX from Boston. Maybe I can stop by.
What is your guess the start and stop times?


Usually roughly 8pm-midnight. I hope you can make it!


My sister will be in Vegas during part of the con. Could you please add a plus one to me for the party. 8) thx.


Of course! Done. :+1:


For those who have not yet purchased your convention tickets, this link popped up in my Facebook feed (shared by TrekCore) - 50% off general admission:

Seems to be a legit site?