Fleet Workshop Party at Creation Vegas 2018


I won’t have them until the early afternoon on Friday, but time is roughly 30 minutes after whenever the dealer’s room closes that day.


Sorry should have replied sooner but would like to attend the party.


Hey rick! No problem. I saw you and Ron earlier in the Anovos panel, but you left before I had a chance to come say hi. See you tomorrow!


I will see every one who is going tomorrow.


I had such a great last night. Met some new members or soon to be members. There were also lots of familiar faces their too. I count myself fortunate on how many of you I’ve had the opportunity of seeing on several occasions. Sorry to tease but I have no pictures. Today is going to a hard day. Nan and I only got about four hours of sleep.


Hope someone has photos from the event to post.

Four hours sleep is rough, good luck making it through today.


Thanks Sharon. Saw Ryan taking video so hopefully he’ll post that.


Hi Guys, I am back at work already. Had a great time at the party met some new people and some old friends. I always love going to these get togethers and talking to everyone. I did not take any photos myself, but there were a few people doing so . Hopefully they will share there photos. Thanks to everyone for making it a great party. Looking forward to the next gathering.


I just wanted to say that I had a great time meeting and speaking with you guys!


I hope to see some pictures and hope that I’d be able to attend next year.


I took a couple of photos of some of Max’s TMP props in his collection that he shared (his lovely Rubbermaid bin of goodies). But didn’t photograph much else. I will try and post those this evening after I get home from work (which is a rough day after flying and not getting home until 1:30 am).

I second what others have said upthread. It was great to finally put some faces to some names here and what not. Also thanks once again to Ryan for putting the gathering together.


Looking forward to Trekonderoga prop party!


Same here.


I had a good time at the party and met some new people and said hi to some old friends. I had to cut out early…not because I wasnt learning and seeing new things but our neighbors in the hotel seemed to love to get rowdy at 2 or 3 am every single morning and my wife and I had a very hard time getting a decent nights sleep every night we were there…sadly.


Sorry, was too shy. :frowning: